sue moss - 11/03/2020
I've had an e mail from Julea ( groups coordinator ) re the risk with the Corona Virus - I will assume that as we have members attending as usual everyone is happy to meet up and all are following the guidelines re washing hands etc,etc also anyone returning from countries affected will take appropriate action.I don't feel we have to cancel our meetings because of this virus and expect everyone to take responsibility for themselves and others .Play on !

1. Hear Hear! (jacq - 11-03-20)

2. Our uke group in Sheffield have run a risk assessment on this and decided that it was safe to continue our meetings as long as it was understood there would be:-1. No handshaking, and2. No tongues. (andy stanton - 12-03-20)

3. So here's an idea. Before care homes tell us not to turn up, why don't we do the Red Roofs set list as a video and send it to every care home in the area. Do we have the ability to cobble together a DVD? I don't but I'm pretty sure someone in the U3A has the ability and equipment to do this. We could do a different set list every month while we are spared. Once we are down to "Jeff and Chris in concert" we may need to re think but this could tide us over what may be a difficult time. (graham - 13-03-20)

4. I was only thinking this morning :-) We should not be doin care homes with the risk of passing on this Virus,anyone of us could have it and showing no signs?I dont personaly think avideo would have the same effect as pretty faces would :-) but happy to go along with a Group decision (john aslin - 13-03-20)

5. I agree with John we have to think about future gigs during this period of time, very sad But we all need to stay safe.I also feel we should continue with our group sessions, hopefully we are all responsible adults and care enough not to put anyone at risk (christinelathlane - 13-03-20)

6. Everybody still feel OK? (jefft - 14-03-20)

7. Yea I am good and hope every one else is?What about you Jeff? (john aslin - 14-03-20)

8. Just to let everyone know that the gig at Strawberry Fields is cancelled.I think the idea of a video for Care Homes etc is a truly inspirational one Graham. They all have big telly screens and it would provide a relief from all the bad news (no comments please David !)Let's do it !Jacq (jacq - 15-03-20)

9. Ok well it seems like most of us are happy to come to band practice still ,if anyone falls ill with the symptoms please can you let me know so we can take appropriate action .Stay well Thank you Sue (sue moss - 15-03-20)

10. In reply to Jeff. Felt a little light headed in Lidl just now but I think it was the excitement of picking up 2 anti bac children's soaps. My daughter thinks I'm a monster for having 24 toilet rolls in the cupboard.In the best of times we come out in a cold sweat when we get down to the last 12. (graham - 15-03-20)

11. It is a problem now that I read the news online! (jefft - 15-03-20)

12. If us over 70 lot ge ordered to stay at home?I am starting a new group(The Resistance Ukulele Group)My cunning plan is we can visit each others homes under the cover of Darkness and play our Ukuleles.:-) :-) :-) :-) (john aslin - 15-03-20)

13. John are you planning on being a ukulele player or a vampire? (graham - 15-03-20)

14. Nottingham Ukulele Club has closed until after Easter when it will review. (jefft - 15-03-20)

15. Oh ok I suppose any gathering is a risk?but I dont want to stop doing stuff ?could be a long 4months??? (john aslin - 16-03-20)

16. The Government have announced during the last hour that all non essential travel and non essential socialising is to take effect from now. The over 70`s are to be particularly vigilant. Now then, seriously, I ask you to think outside of this group and think of other members of your families. (The other side of the coin being - to be unsociable and to camp out at the community hall). Our healths are far more important, no matter how cavalier our attitudes towards this virus may be. (david newson - 16-03-20)

17. Yes I agree you made the right call Sue?I will jam in my garage as I said? (john aslin - 16-03-20)