jefft - 12/03/2020
I am assuming that many of you will have received this email but for those who have not I have reproduced it here.Will DunlopHi everyone.You can probably guess what this email is about!With great sadness, our committee has decided to postpone this year's Lincoln Ukulele Festival.We felt that the coronavirus situation is likely to get a lot worse over the next few weeks and would probably not be resolved by the time of the festival.A decision like this is never easy to make and we hope you will understand that with the current situation worsening day by day, we felt an early postponement was better than leaving it to the very last minute.Our hope is that the situation will improve over the summer and that we will be able to reschedule in September or October. We will keep you informed of all further developments and let you know the new date as soon as possible.Please pass the message on let all your friends know about the postponement.A topical joke to finish off!!"Played a great gig at the weekend, everything was going fine until someone asked us to play "Happy Birthday" and everyone rushed off the stage to wash their hands (twice)."Looking forward to seeing you later in the yearKeep strumming!Will

1. That makes complete sense to me ?Its a shame,but not worth the risk.John (john aslin - 13-03-20)