graham - 21/06/2020
OK last chance. Jeff and I have been adding Beatles songs to our song list. "Let it be" has now made it onto the list and is very playable/singable. Iv'e volunteered to lead it simply to get it on the list but it make this my 5th song of the afternoon. I offer it to the 1st bidder. Anyone who fancys having a go let me know and I will put you down for it AND you get to chose when you do it. There are 14 songs for Wednesday, pick a number. Not too high or you may get bumped off for lack of time.

1. Jeff and I again this week. Same login and password. The lucky ones may get an email. This is not a refection on you, more a reflection on my ability to press the right buttons. (graham - 22/06/20)

2. Hi Graham
I have the Set List of Beatles Stuff but can't find the music/chords etc so I don't know if I can offer to do any of them.
Jacq (jacq - 22/06/20)

3. All songs including Beatles are to be found on the big song list on the library page. If in doubt look there first. (graham - 22/06/20)

4. I can't wait !!! Best set list we have ever had !!! Some of us might get a bit excited during the session !! (chrisconnell - 23/06/20)

5. Andy .... Love your rocky Racoon Video (chrisconnell - 23/06/20)

6. I have just been looking at "For no one" .... What a lovely song .... You sang it beautifully last Wednesday, Graham .... Quite difficult phrasing .... Another song to learn !! (chrisconnell - 26-06-20)