graham - 24/06/2020
Hi Folks
The BIG LIST otherwise known as the Song List on the libraries page of the web site is now our plaything for the next couple of weeks. Choose a song you would like to lead and have a go. Once you are happy go to the Open Mic List, add the song and click the LEAD button. Once we have 14 songs we are good to go and we can start collecting songs for the next week. Hurry hurry, spaces are limited!

1. I've chosen 3 so that's 11 left. As they say on the best internet sites 20 people are looking at this list and there are only 11 left!
(graham - 24/06/20)

2. Please Note. The list of Beatles songs which were on the Open Mike list is now a set list of its own entitled, "Beatles Numbers".
(andy stanton - 24/06/20)

3. Going fast only 10 left and I am looking for another one. Come on John A & Les. (jefft - 25/06/20)

4. Just got a little carried away choosing songs for our shiney new set list !!!
This all smacks of democracy !!!
Very lovely Beatles session yesterday .... But then I knew it would be !! (chrisconnell - 25/06/20)