andy stanton - 25/06/2020

First the overall scheme of the Open Mike is a blackboard, emphasising the fact that it is an ephemeral list wiped at the ened of every session. I have also placed an number of small icons to help you navigate around the feature.
The CROSS closes the popup.
The PLUS SIGN allows you to add a song from the BIG list.
The PRINTER icon allows you to print off the OPEN MIKE list.
The 3 DOTS only appear for Admins and allows certain setting to be changed.

1. I also forgot to mention, if you click on a song it will generate the song sheet. (andy stanton - 25/06/20)

2. Is it possible to have a minus sign too please Andy, for when someone realises they got a little too excited, and may need to delete a song or two ?? (chrisconnell - 26/06/20)

3. Songs can be deleted but only be admins. Contact Garry, Graham, Jacq, Jeffor moi to do the dirty deed. However, you can indicate that songs you want deleted by just clicking on your name next to the song. Volunteering to do a song is on a toggle, clicking again rmoves your name from the song and allows an admin to delete the song. (andy stanton - 26-06-20)

4. Further to Chris's comment I have made an addition. Once you have indicated that you would like to take a lead on a song a small red cross will appear just before that song's listing. Nobody but the person who has taken the lead will have the cross there. The cross allows you to delete that song from the list. (andy stanton - 27/06/20)