sue moss - 07/07/2020
Need opinions ....
Firstly I hope everyone is managing to stay sane in this weird time !


Can EVERYONE please let me know if this is feasible .....
I need your input

MY VIEW ,as we sing as well as play I would advise caution even in the larger hall let's wait and see what the R rate is in September .

PLEASE RESPOND this is our group !

Thank you

1. I will not start back to group meeting until I believe it is safe?A group of people is not for me at moment?Zoom is good. (john aslin - 07/07/20)

2. I concur with John, Even if the R rate is down, this is not going away. I will be pleasantly surprised if we don't get more spikes and local lockdowns in the very near future.

We can only guess what the New Normal will be. 6 weeks until September and the vaccine program roles on without any real conclusions. ONLY 18 dead yesterday.

Has anybody tried singing in a P1 or P2 mask yet. Maybe we need to plan to just do instrumentals? (jefft - 07/07/20)

3. Much as I'd love to, I don't feel we can commit to a return in September, even in the large hall, on the basis of current figures. The R rate is still, in my view, unacceptably high and we won't know the full effects of the accelerated relaxation of lockdown for some time to come. Re face masks and singing, I haven't actually tried but I don't really see it as a viable option - people already report finding it more difficult to breathe normally when wearing them for extended periods, let alone trying to sing in them! Plus they need to fit well to be effective and the better the fit, the more difficult it is likely to be. I think we just have to wait and see ........ (joan leake - 07/07/20)

4. Totally agree with the above comments. Yes I would dearly love to get together again but in reality it is not worth risking. (david newson - 07/07/20)

5. Jeff - I think a 'Lone Ranger' mask might make the difference - Kemo Sabi (Hi Ho Silver and away!!!!!!), OR, if you don`t like black then probably a 'Green Lantern' mask. (david newson - 07/07/20)

6. The internet of everything,not for me mate! (paulcooksey - 07/07/20)

7. Of all the demographs waiting to return to some sort of normality I think we need to look at ourselves and realise that we need to be one of the last to congregate in a confined space and shout at each other. I know we don't like to admit our ages. I for one am still waiting to see what I will be when I grow up BUT, we are all cracking on a bit. Lets just accept that this awful disease affects older people for more than the young. We need to do the sensible thing for a considerable time yet. September is probably too early . We need to be looking at the New Year and much more good news before we consider a return. (graham - 07/07/20)

8. I would also agree with the views expressed above. It seems unlikely that there will be no prospect of totally safe meetings of large singing groups in the near future. However I would imagine that there will be no single point at which it can be said that it is totally (well not unless we wait for ever) safe, more the degree to which benefits outweigh risks for individuals. The other parameter is the size of the group, the larger it is the harder it is to control risks. So at the moment it is not so difficult to achieve an overall consensus on what to do, we all agree. But in the longer term there may have to be a decision to restart, even if not all feel able to attend. Perhaps smaller groups, the days of the large band may be numbered, bear in mind the Zoom is not being attended by all members. As with most life and social issues there is no easy or simple answer, and particularly to one of the worst crises the world has faced. (davidmc - 08/07/20)

9. Just to absolve Graham for responsibility for the views ending (worst crises world has faced), it was me David McKenny. There seems to be something amiss with the operation of the comments section on my device. If it is my fault then apologies to Graham for how it has turned out apparently under your name, regards David (davidmc - 08/07/20)

10. THANKYOU so much everyone who has replied ,ok we know where we are now ,I think we have to be sensible none of us want to get this virus lets just keep on with zoom which most of us can access .
Reassess situation maybe in January 2021
Sue (sue moss - 08/07/20)

11. I agree with all the comments. Not safe and September is too early
Oh dear (jacq - 08/07/20)

12. As much as I would love to meet up with everyone I totally agree with all comments made (rita cutts - 08/08/20)