andy stanton - 09/07/2020
Hi all,

When you click on a link or a button it sends a signal to the server that the next function needs processing. This can be delayed by a number of things, a sluggish device, a slow connection, heavy traffic etc.

The screen does not get refreshed until the next screen is streamed back again. The temptation is to click the input again, and if the connection is particularly sluggish, several times.

What happens is a queue of instructions to the server builds up, with the result that a particular process can be repeated several times, and in the case of comments or replies a fresh email is despatched every time it is repeated. Delays in sluggish connections or devices can be infuriating, but please I do urge patience. ONE CLICK ONLY, and then leave it be until it has done what you have asked it to.

1. We've had a few more incidents of 'bouncing' inputs, this time on the Open Mike board.

I'd be grateful if whenever somebody achieves a multiple input (ie. the same input repeated one or more times) they contact me as soon as possible to let me know what has happened.

I need to know A. what device you are using and B. what you did.

A few days ago somebody confessed to clicking an input more than once. That was okay, and I was grateful for the information. It meant I didn't have to spend too much time working out what had gone wrong. (andy stanton - 13/08/20)