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Jeff, what do you mean there is no way of downloading the 'Other Songs Collection'?

The PDF files on the "Other Songs Sheets" can be downloaded in much the same way as the songs on the song list.

Go into 'Other Song Sheets' and you will notice in the top right hand corner is a download button.

This downloads a ZIP file.  You will need to open this file and extract into a directory of your choice.  After that you have access to all the 'Other Songs' off line.

I try to think of everything.

P.S.  This is NOT an April fool prank!
Sorry Andy, missed that Big Red Button.
My intention was to point out that the "other song sheets" did not download automatically with the Download songbook button. (it was getting late)

jefft - 01-04-16

Am i missing something ? Surely Other Song Sheets don't have to be downloaded as PDF. You can just make as if to open a new tab in Google and use the Print command from the drop-down menu.
Jim (I hope I'm not putting my foot in it !)

uke2357 - 05-04-16

You are right Jim, if you just want to print a paper copy, just print, or copy and paste text into any other application.
jefft - 05-04-16

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At the end of Wednesday's session I was given a few songs to look at. Wooly Bully, It Must be Love Etc.
These were printed from "Ukulele Freeway". Does anybody know the link to "Ukulele Freeway" as I can't find one. or throw light on origins.
Jeff you could try to Google "ukulele freeway" but include the quote marks in the query box.  I've done this and it seems that "Ukulele Freeway" are a ukulele band from Billericay. They don't seem to have a web presence outside some YouTube clips.

I suggest you look for alternate files of Wooly Bully.  I can't believe having heard them that Ukulele Freeway have the definitive cover on this well known song.

andy stanton - 15-04-16

Yes Andy, done that with the same results, (grandmother / eggs :0) just trying to short cut to the actual copy I was given. Currently amazed at the number of songbooks out there, I like the Moselele one that you mentioned, lots of fresh stuff even if I have never heard of half of it (and their good indications of difficulty)
jefft - 15-04-16

Billericay eh?..........T.O.W.I.E!
david n - 15-04-16

the chords and words are on ultimate guitar, together with the recording. Any help?

tony dawes - 15-04-16

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To David N, the make of instrument I was trying to think of the other day was Ozark.  Google for decent reasonable price starter folk mandolins
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Hi Jeff Folks.
I got the music from some mates from TOWIE land (Basildon),though they wont thank me for that as they actually live in Langdon Hills  whom I met up with the other week.
They belong to the Barleylands Uke group.
See website   www.barleylands.co.uk

Thanks Stephen, they don't appear to publish their songbook

jefft - 15-04-16

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A few more songs added to OTHER SONG SHEETS:
From Stephen:
It must be love
From a jack to a king
Wooly Bully
and from Bob:
Lets Uke Again
These are in OTHER SONG SHEETS until adopted.

Just received a copy of the songs that Mike Krabbers did at Lincoln last Sunday so will post it in other songs, under Jam A Long Krabbers. One of them is a version of spoof Folsom Prison (he wrote it) it is different in parts to our copy. All carry links to Youtube.
jefft - 16-04-16

I will be bringing hard copies of Mike Krabbers version of Spoof Folsom Prison
in Key of A, on Saturday at Allington, with it all on one side of paper.

gamble183 - 21-04-16

I will be bringing hard copies of Mike Krabbers version of Spoof Folsom Prison
in Key of A, on Saturday at Allington, with it all on one side of paper.

jefft - 21-04-16

Apart from the odd word change, it doesn't have the G to A key change.
A combination of the "better"? words and the key change might be good.

jefft - 22-04-16

I just can't manage this song in G modulating to A.  I find myself either yodelling or grinding away in the basement.  C modulating to D is easier.
andy stanton - 22-04-16

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I really enjoyed the gig yesterday, think it was one of the best we have done. Well done everybody.  Special thanks to Bob for keeping all our recalcitrant noses to the grindstone in rehearsals, Christine for her sterling roadie actvities with the PA (which seems to work well), and Tony for his rock steady bass lines which both gave us more depth of sound and as importantly kept us all together really well. Have a relaxing Sunday
Steady on David, I will not be able to get my  hat on.
I also enjoyed it. Thanks to everyone, well done.

tony dawes - 24-04-16

Thanks to all those who played at Allington on Saturday - probably our best performance to date.  So give yourselves a big pat on the back.  Nothing but good comments received from those who heard us and I have received two requests for the band to return to the village for other engagements – one later in the year (Sep?) and the other in 2017!  More details when received.

Could have done without the need to rejig the setup to allow the ‘olde worlde’ dancers to perform – but that’s show business!  Many thanks to all those who helped strip out and load up the equipment – Christine and I could have done with your help when we got home!  I thought I had left manhandling of PA equipment behind in my youth!

Diary is being updated today.  NB Date for the TROC BBQ has had to change (now 18 Jun or 2 Jul).  Please let me know on Wednesday which date is preferred.  Beaumond House have also asked if we could play for them so I’m visiting there on Wednesday to discuss the possibility.  Result of the meeting will be notified in due course.

Play list for this Wednesday is on this site.  Please add to it:

Spoof Boredom Folsom Prison Blues ( Song sheet used at Allington)
In the good old summertime*
Summertime Blues*
Let’s uke again*
Glory of love (From 2015 Lincoln Uke Festival Song Book (available in the library)
The sun has got his hat on (Song sheet available on Wednesday)

Hopefully this selection should give us a rest from most of the County Show numbers, a selection to choose 3 from for the June U3A meeting and a few others to try.

*Song sheets available in "Songs from ther sites" list.

bob cawson - 25-04-16

The Glory of love is now on the Songs from other sites
jefft - 25-04-16

Lots of B flats on Summertime Blues. Single strokes with fast changes. :-)
paddy - 26-04-16

Quick changes but no key change :(
Just added "Ukulele (Hallelujah Spoof)" to  Songs from other sites

jefft - 26-04-16

Just played the Hallelujah spoof and it's genius. Not only do the words fit the musical phrasing perfectly, but I could hardly sing for laughing out loud. Brilliant!
paddy - 27-04-16

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More songs added to OTHER SONG SHEETS as requested:
Summertime Blues
In The Summertime
and another version of sp Folsom Prison (although I prefer the key change version)
These are in OTHER SONG SHEETS until adopted.
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rita cutts

We'll appear on Britains Got Talent yet!

Thoroughly enjoyable.
Doing what?
jefft - 26-04-16

maybe we could try tap dancing on roller skates whils't playing Teddy Bears Picnic on the Ukes!
tony dawes - 27-04-16

Tap, skates, Teddy Bears Picnic. Sounds like a classic, Tony. Could be our showstopper :-)
paddy - 28-04-16

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More songs added to OTHER SONG SHEETS as requested:
Sunshine Superman
Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days Of Summer
The Sun Has Got His Hat On
Lets Uke Again has been modified
Despite my best efforts I have been unable to get the PDF  of The Glory of Love to accept a ^ to indicate single strum followed by tacet.  
Thanks Jeff. What a legend!
paddy - 28-04-16

Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days Of Summer has been edited by Paddy to make it more playable.
Glory of Love now has the Ʌ in to indicate single strum followed by tacet until the next chord.

jefft - 29-04-16

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Sunny Afternoon. It was on our play list this week, but somehow got skipped. In the interval, Tony was playing the bass intro, and it was spot on. So just a suggestion: maybe we could try the bass intro played by Tony next time, and maybe ditch the boom booms??? Have a great Bank Holiday. Paddy x
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