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andy stanton

This is both fun and instructive

Wow! I must try that.

tony dawes - 01-08-16

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bob cawson

The Set List page now shows Song Books 1- 4.  The first 3 books are 54 songs (less Christmas numbers) that we have played in public sometime over the past 18/24 months and with which we are probably reasonably familiar.  From these books, I believe, should come the programmes for any public performances we do.  Once I have proof read all the songs (only the words not the chords!) then I will arrange for individual song books to be printed and which audiences can hopefully use to sing from.  Song Book 4 is for those tunes that are or could be "work in progress" and I ask that members continue to suggest songs that we could try out for public performance, be they from the "Other song sheets" list, other ukulele group song books or wherever.

Our next gig is on Mon 15 Aug for the Balderton Dementia Group and the play list is on this site.  There are a few amendments to ensure that we are not playing any songs that we played on our last visit.  This play list will form the backbone of this Wednesday's meeting.

I believe that the following members will be going to Balderton:  Bob, Chris, Christine, Colleen, David H, David N, Irene, Jacq, Jeff (If it's raining!) Jim, Paul, Roger, Tony.  If there are any changes I'm sure you'll let me know on Wednesday.

I may not be able to attend the session this afternoon as I had planned due to emergency plumbing repairs (bathroom, not me).  I will however be at the gig tomorrow.  Regards David
davidmc - 24-08-16

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Just added "Hey Look Me Over" to the "Other song sheets" nice chords and relatively recent 1960.

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bob cawson

THIS WEEKS BAND MEETING.  Please note that this week’s meeting (Wed 31 Aug 16) will be held at the Balderton Scout Hut, Queen Street, Balderton NG24 3NG and NOT at Oscars pub.  I will be taking the PA equipment.  This will be the last band meeting before the Allington Summer Fete gig on Sunday 11 September.  Tomorrow’s play list is as published for the Allington gig although, due to the limited numbers going to Allington, this will be reduced somewhat.

REUEST TO PLAY AT THE LIONS SOUTHWELL MINSTER CAROL SERVICE – EVENING OF 17TH DECEMBER.  I’ve thanked the Lions for their invitation to play at this event but have told then that we are not available.

SHERWOOD FOREST ART AND CRAFT CENTRE CHRISTMAS WEEKEND (26 & 27 NOV BETWEEN 11AM AND 4PM)).  I have received the following email from the organisers of this event:
“Each Christmas we have a weekend when we celebrate Christmas.  We strive to given an inspirational experience to our customers with traditional entertainment by local artists/performers.  Lynn Preece (Sherwood & Districts Art Funds Department) has put the Newark Ukulele Happy Band forward as a result of our performance at the Sconce Festival which she said was brilliant.  Is there any chance you have a Christmas set that you could showcase at our Christmas event.  Lynn spoke so highly of you and you seem perfect to make our event go with a “swing”.  We would love to hear from you (please include your charges in the reply) especially if you are able to attend on either day or both days.  We do like it if our artists/performers are in period costume as this does help to make such a lovely atmosphere, (we can help with this)”

I think it could be an interesting event and I’m particularly keen that we should try and support it if we can – especially as we’ve been highly recommended by the individual who was behind getting us the grant from the Council Arts Department.  Please let me know if you agree and are prepared to play and let me have your preferred date (or both dates if you are keen to do that.)  I have sent the organisers are holding reply saying that I will let them know of our availability soonest.

Hi Bob, I,ll be there,hopefully. I already have my costme it doesn't require tights but what the hell!.
tony dawes - 30-08-16

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rita cutts

Sounds brilliant Bob especially dressing in period costume. Men in Tights springs to mind!!
Put me down Bob...................no I didn't mean euthanasia.
davidmc - 30-08-16

I'm up for it but can't do the 27th
jefft - 30-08-16

Hi Bob, I'm happy to do both days will start to practice in fingerless gloves just in case weather turns. Chris.
chris - 30-08-16

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Just uploaded "Dont Worry, Be Happy"(1988) to "Other songs" in my quest to get songs to sing where the composers might not be dead yet.
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Hi Bob & Everybody

Apologies won't be able to be there today, family needs me. have a good session. Can do either days in November, so put my name down please Bob.    
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