CHRISTMAS LUNCH MENU IS IN THE DIARY... I will be taking choices for two courses
at next meeting and hopefully a 5.00 deposit.
You are a resourceful bunch.
It never occurred to me when I designed it that people might use the diary for pinning up notices like for instance a Christmas menu.  However it seems to work.  I'd just ask people not to use the dairy as forum, and that if you want to pass messages about your order please use the '121reply' which will convey messages directly to Irene.

Irene, If you get messages with a number in brackets on your front page it means somebody has contacted you.  You click on 'messages' to pick up the message.

andy stanton - 22-11-15

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Hello, Where are we meeting tomorrow It is 23.51 so be quick and answer as "tomorrow" will soon be "today".
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bob cawson

I've received the following thanks for the Open Door 1 Gig
"Hi Bob
I would just like to say a huge thank you to you & your group for entertaining us today, It was a fantastic afternoon enjoyed by staff & group members alike.
Have a great Christmas & we can't wait to see you all again in February.  
Thanks Again!
Regards  Clare & Nichola"

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rita cutts

Are we to take any Christmas songs Bob
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andy stanton

Hi everybody,

I've been here in the people's republic of south yorkshire for over two months now. I'm not so sure about the local U3A ukulele folk.  They've come across as a bit precious, ot to put it more politely they are fundamentally up their own fundament.

Any way it's give me an opportunity to plunder their song book, and I have words with chords, directions etc. for the the following:-

A World Of Our Own
All Around My Hat
All I Have To Do Is Dream
All My Loving
Annie's Song
Bad Moon Rising
Blowin In The Wind
Blue Suede Shoes
Blueberry Hill
Boar's Head Carol
California Dreaming
Calipso Carol
Can't Take My Eyes Off You
Catch The Wind
Christmas Eve 1914
Crocodile Rock
Dancing Queen
Deck The Halls
Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue
Dream Lover
Eight Days A Week
Georgy Girl
Gloucestershire Wassail
Good King Wenceslas
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
Here Comes The Sun
Here We Come A Wassailing
Hey Jude
Hotel California
I Can See Clearly Now
I Got You Babe
I'll Fly Away
I'll Tell Me Ma
I'm A Believer
In The Bleak Midwinter
In The Bleak Midwinter In F
Island In The Sun
It's Only A Paper Moon
Karma Chameleon
Killing Me Softly
Leaving Of Liverpool
Let It Be
Love Is All Around
Maggie May
Me And Bobby Mcgee
Meet Me On The Corner
Moon River
Mrs Robinson
O Come All Ye Faithful
Over The Rainbow
Pinball Wizard
Que Sera Sera
Side By Side
Silent Night
Simple Gifts
Singing In The Rain
Singing The Blues
Sloop John B
Sound Of Silence
Sussex Carol
Sweet Chiming Bells
Take It Easy
The First Noel
The Holly And The Ivy
The Old Bazaar In Cairo
The Silvery Moon
The Sunny Side Of The Street
The Water Is Wide
The Wonder Of You
Tickle My Heart
Trail Of The Lonesome Pine
Twelve Days Of Christmas
We Singers Make Bold
We'll Meet Again
What A Wonderful World
When The Red Red Robin
Where Do You Go To My Lovely
While Shepherds Watched
Whiskey In The Jar
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

I don't think I've duplicated anything that is already on the Newark U3A list.  If there's anything you see that you fancy I'd be happy to pop it on the Newk U3A play list.

Best of luck, everybody, for tomorrow!
andy stanton - 04-12-15

Hi Andy looking forward to seeing you soon. Songs I wouldn't mind seeing on our list. Where do you go to my lovely, sound of silence, meet me on the corner, all around my hat, blowing in the wind, catch the wind, Georgy girl, hey Jude, I'm a bleever, let it be. All the best to the family David

davidmc - 05-12-15

I've just posted the following songs:-

Where do you go to my lovely
Sound of silence,
Meet me on the corner,
All around my hat,
Blowing in the wind,
Catch the wind,
Georgy girl,
Hey Jude,
I'm a believer,
Let it be

andy stanton - 06-12-15

HI Andy, I hope you are settling in up north.
Can I add to the list the ones I would like to try.

All I have to do is dream
California dreaming
Dancing queen
Don't it make my brown eyes blue
Dream lover
Here comes the sun
I'm a believer
side by side
sunny side of the street
What a wonderful world

Look forward to seeing you soon

tony dawes - 06-12-15


andy stanton - 06-12-15

Could you put this random lot on Andy:
Sweet Chiming Bells - fond memories of carolling with a brass band in yorkshire.
Whiskey in the Jar - the well known (rock?) ballad
Tickle My Heart - one of Joe Brown's ukulele songs.  Lots of chords, but good to do!

robin hardy - 10-12-15

Sweet Chiming Bells, Whiskey In The Jar and Tickle My Heart have now all been added.
andy stanton - 19-12-15

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andy stanton

Here's a bit of fun

Note the complete absence of any song sheet!  :o)
That's great - makes my sopranino look like a double-base!

What are song sheets?

robin hardy - 10-12-15

That's great - makes my sopranino look like a double-base!

What are song sheets?

robin hardy - 10-12-15

Click to ENLARGE video clip

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bob cawson

Thanks to all those who turned out for the two gigs last week.  The TROC donated 10 to the funds.  As the 2015 Gig Season is over and as a complete break from playing the Showground songs I've put a mish mash of tunes as a play list for this Wednesday's meeting.  I've also asked Andy to consider including in the Song List a number of songs from his Yorkshire List in addition to those already requested.
The Band has been requested to perform a 10 minute spot after the 2016 U3A AGM (9 Jun)  The theme is "Sunny".  Any ideas for songs in addition to "Sunny afternoon", "Sunny side of the street" & "Island in the sun" will be welcomed.
Bring Me Sunshine
Groovin' on A Sunny Afternoon

andy stanton - 08-12-15

In the Summertime - Mungo Jerry

Stevie boy

gamble183 - 08-12-15

Sunny, Bobby Hebb and Georgie Fame I think tho I may be wrong on both counts
davidmc - 09-12-15

No it was these two, very rare I can remeber anything proerly these days. Prefer Fame version.
davidmc - 09-12-15

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Hi everyone, sorry, can't be there today. Doing a help the aged concert at the RAF club that was booked in summer. Look forward to the playing, singing and dinner with you guys next week. Kind regards, Paddy.
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robin hardy

Hi All,

Next week is the Xmas Party . . .
 . . . and to make sure you have no excuse for not enjoying yourselves, the choice of songs to be sung is up to you!

Please list songs you really enjoy as replies to this.

Do this by Friday and Bob will put those which appear on our Song List onto a set list for the day.

If you would like to do a number as a solo or with others to add a bit of variety you will be more than welcome.

If you have a song you think would be good and easy for the group to just pick up and play, then please mention that below too.

Put the key alongside and people can give it a go before the day.

Bring along at least 7 or 8 copies to share.

Sorry I shall not be there.  We shall be stretching out after a 13 hour flight and preparing for the next 7 hours. Not really looking forward to that bit!

See you all in June!

Hope you have a fabulous time. We will be thinking enviously of you laying on the beach, pint in one hand, ukulele in the other, thinking of how you could change Izigazumbe into a  Christmas carol. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

tony dawes - 10-12-15

I'd like to associate myself completely with the sentiments expressed by the last speaker!
andy stanton - 10-12-15

Thanks guys,
I was expecting replies to this comment to be used for song suggestions for next week, but thanks for the good wishes.

Tony will be pleased to hear I already have plans for murdering "a pub with no beer" involving lines like "You'll find no Prawnies here" (i.e. local Port Lincoln crustacean fishermen), and a song with lines like "It's a long way from Newark Uke Band, it's a long way from home . . " featuring - have you any ideas what tune I could use for that one?

Sorry I'll miss you next week Andy.  Hope they've been providing plenty of fatted calves on your return to God's own country!  I am sure it was fundamentaly a good move despite the few "fundaments" you have found there. Enjoy your mid-winter seasonal festivities!

Regards, R.

robin hardy - 10-12-15

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robin hardy

Song amended - you will be pleased to hear that the red red robin no longer "conies bob, bob bobbing along"
. . . it was all lies and slander. R.
Whilst walking on my way to have a swim at the grove this afternoon I saw a robin. Yes, it was real and was flitting from branch to branch in a small tree at the entrance to the grove. It was the first one I have seen this season but.......I don>t think it went bobbing along. (I thought that was a thing you did with apples in  bucket of water). There is wildlife in Balderton after all! (not me).
david n - 11-12-15

I can assure you that the Robins in Coddington DO go bob bob bobing along, as all respectable robbins do! Perhaps the wildlife in Balderton are less traditional and therefor less inclined to bob bob bob.
There is no reason therefor to challenge the lyrics of the song.

tony dawes - 12-12-15

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andy stanton

Wagon Wheel
I thought you might like this one.
It's fairly challenging in that it's played on the off beat.  However there's massive scope for harmonisation, and once you've cracked it you do the last chorus unaccompanied and in harmony.

Wagon Wheel

Been Playing this in A for sometime. Tried this Darius Ruchker version via a new piece of on line software, "Riffstation" to "play along". It is only in Beta but works reasonably well, giving the video, chords scrolling below and chord shape to the right. (some of the chord changes have to be interpreted rather than followed absolute) Had to change some of the E chords to E7 when time got too short (for me to manage the change).

jefft - 13-12-15

Click to ENLARGE video clip

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robin hardy

Hi all,

Xmas party on Wednesday and no requests for songs to play?

How are you going to enjoy that??

Put your favourites in the reply box and you can all bring the song sheets!

(Missing the band already and I haven't left yet!)

Walk right in, Oh Carol, save the last dance for me, I can see clearly.
O.K. there's a starter, come on everybody, oops there's another one
See you there

tony dawes - 14-12-15

Walk Right In, Oh Carol, and I Can See Clearly have just been added to the song list.  Save The Last Dance For Me was already on it.
andy stanton - 14-12-15

Wagon Wheel
jefft - 14-12-15

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Song suggestions for dinner day, blowing in the wind,hello Mary Lou,in the summertime, Maggie may and when this lousy war is over, see you tomorrow david
I've knocked together a provisional list of ten requested tunes for tomorrow.  That might be enough for the hour we've given ourselves, but if anybody wants anything else just reply to this post today.  I'm running the shutters down on this at 21.00 when I'll remove the provisional bit from the set list title.
andy stanton - 15-12-15

Is Blowing in the Wind a homage to the humble brussel?
jefft - 15-12-15

Is Blowing in the wind before or after the meal ?


gamble183 - 15-12-15

Do we really want to play "Walk Right In"!!!???
jefft - 15-12-15

Must be Tony'e idea, what are the chord changes like on baritone?
jefft - 15-12-15

Just as I thought (I've had a look) easy chords on baritone, by the way I think there is a B missing before most of the E chords just to make life interesting.
jefft - 15-12-15

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andy stanton

Having followed Jeff's little chat with himself, I now see where he's coming from. G wasn't the cleverest key in the world for this song.  I've changed it to F, which is a lot easier. I've also removed the unnecessary complexity from the fifth line.
I'm refering to "Walk Right In"
andy stanton - 16-12-15

Hi Jeff and Andy, it's even easier on the bass. Thanks to Andy I am now practicing it in F.
tony dawes - 18-12-15

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tony dawes

Thanks everyone for a good bash at the Christmas lunch. Good music and good lunch.
Have a great Christmas and I look forward to seeing you all in the New Year.
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andy stanton

Ok folks,
Here's my little Christmas present to you all this year.
First a clip with a tutorial on how to play Blue Christmas:-

and if that wasn't enough, here are the words and chords so you can play along:-

Blue Christmas

I had a smashing time on Wednesday.  Thanks to all for making me feel so welcome, and still part of the band.
Alternatively you can sing the whole thing in D.  It's only a tone lower, and frankly I find it a lot easier
andy stanton - 18-12-15

Click to ENLARGE video clip

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rita cutts

Just want to wish the HAPPY BAND a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY and of course a HEALTHY NEW YEAR

See you all soon x
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andy stanton

Layla played by Colin Tribe

Click to ENLARGE video clip

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Hi, if any one is trying to contact me, my landline is down due to a fallen tree, (mobile working) and internet on limp mode (thanks to a piggyback off someone else's). BT estimate 5th Jan for a fix. See you all soon
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