andy stanton

Between November 2016 and February all comments were deleted when they expired after three months, and so are lost to the archive.  Now, all comments are archived to this file when they expire on the main page. This means that we will archive all comments after 20th December 2019

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Beginners Support
Following the discussion at the meeting last Wednesday, I am prepared to offer two beginners ukulele sessions in February at my home on Charles Street. Ideally I would like these to be on Friday afternoons and would suggest 2.00 to 3.30pm.  To be based around the Malvern Beginners songbook as we discussed at the meeting. Please let me know if you are interested. I will also be teaching how not to sing.
David actually means Marlow Ukulele Group beginners songbook.
I will it in to the Documents section of this site as soon as I can.

jefft - 23-01-20

A link to download this songbook is now in our Documents page. The document is not live on our site, so once downloaded you will need to save and of print it for your own use.
If you have a problem with either please let us help.
Also note that although some of the songs are in our own Big List, they are not necessarily the same version or chords.

jefft - 24-01-20

You're a STAR. Thanks for kicking the sessions off. Can you supply the dates ?
jacq - 24-01-20

Just a thought --sorry slow thinker -but before we use this Marlow group Book wouldn't it be better to create our own with our own version of songs and the chords we play? I wonder if it might lead to more confusion and lack of confidence for those attending the sessions when they have to relearn something ?
jacq - 24-01-20

I have had a further look at the songbook and with one or two exceptions (Freight Train for one) most of the songs in the book that David proposes to use are very similar to our own (some are in different keys or slightly simplified), Many of them we do not have in our Big List (or have discarded)
The vast majority have bar delimitations and interestingly they are on "chord over" configuration.
The prospective tutors need to discuss this and let me know if you want changes so as to include these songs into our normal system.

jefft - 24-01-20

Can we step back at bit from this discussion about technicalities and song books.
When these meeting were suggested, it was felt that some less confident players would appreciate the opportunity to play songs that they feel able to play and enjoy in a non threatening environment. ie. go round to someone's house, have a cup of tea and play easy stuff.
It was never envisioned as a "beginner's" course or "tutorial".
If a person is on hand to help out it should be 80% tea making skills and 20% mentoring. That is mentor not tutor. We have offered beginner's sessions lead by tutors. The group has since moved on and an opportunity to play in a supportive environment with a group of like minded people is what has been asked for.
Sorry if this is not what some people want to hear but this group have made it quite clear what they would like us to help them with and I think we are in danger of losing sight of this.

graham - 24-01-20

Please note - these sessions are for members only due to restrictions of space in people's homes .....ie not for those interested in joining the band
sue moss - 29-01-20

Jillie and Lesley coming on 7 and 21 Feb from 2 to 3.30. Room for 2 more please speak to Sue Moss if you are interested, regards David
davidmc - 29-01-20

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joan leake

Minutes of Group Meeting, January 2020
I have now uploaded the Minutes of Wednesday's meeting on the website and you can find them on the  'Documents' page.  If anyone has problems accessing these, please let me know and I can email a copy out to you.

Thanks Joan sterling job
davidmc - 24-01-20

Thank you Joan...wonderful Minutes, truly

jacq - 25-01-20

Great record of minutes Joan clear and concise thankyou Sue
sue moss - 27-01-20

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sue moss

GENERAL Meeting and SG meeting
The next meeting for all band members will be on
Wednesday 29th April
You will All be able to discuss any ideas you have for the band.
The S G meeting will be the next week 6th May
Thanks Sue
jacq - 30-01-20

Thanks Sue
davidmc - 30-01-20

Apologies to the Steering group. I will not be able to attend the meeting on 6th May as I will be on the Archaeology Study Week in Scotland
jacq - 02-02-20

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andy stanton

U3A Happy Band Archives
Ok, you bunch.
I have just arranged access to the Happy Band Archives.
Two points: -
1. This is read only access.  What's done is done.
2. Some of the comments are missing. Between November 2016 and today all comments were deleted after three months. Now they are going to be added to an archive file as they expire on the main page. You might also find one or two of the images are missing...  but hey, we move on.
I should have mentioned as a point 3 that this feature is only available in Windows.


andy stanton - 07-02-20

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Beating Time
I think we could all agree that all members of the group are progressing with their ukulele skills. However one area where we probably all struggle at times, is keeping time.   It has crossed my mind recently as a basic bassist, and an even more base drum basher that exposing ourselves to the strum patterns of rhythmic forms of music, would be both enjoyable, and add to our wider skills with the songs we play.

I am thinking for instance of exploring for example, blues shuffle, swing, waltz, 6/8 time, calypso, reggae, rumba, ska, mambo etc. This would of course not be an alternative to our current program which I feel is going very well.

I would be happy to do a workshop or two type thing (like the blues one several months ago). Or another idea might be to have a “Strum a Month” for a few months where we spend a little time at the beginning of each session running through a newly learned genre. Or we could do both. All thoughts and ideas welcome.

I would like to make it clear that I am not suggesting this should replace any of the existing program, not least I will have to learn some of this stuff myself!! It would be a time limited exercise. I am thinking if there is any interest I could do something from April on.

Look forward to comments and ideas, David

I think that's a great suggestion David.  I would certainly appreciate and benefit from exploring different strum patterns - it's something I do struggle with.   Personally I would be in favour of having both the workshop and the  'strum a month' as the 'strum a month' would help consolidate what is covered in the workshop.  Also opens up possibilities for expanding our musical repertoire!
joan leake - 10-02-20

As a member of the band that contributes volume rather than musical technique I would enthusiastically welcome this. Can I suggest 35 minutes max at the beginning of a session usually dedicated to a song list. That way we keep the "Come all yee" session at the beginning of each month. These seem to be bringing in a few new ideas of their own and most people seem to enjoy them. If we have a strict time limit on a technical session then we can re visit as required but we still get to play songs for the majority of the time in the hall.
graham - 10-02-20

I certainly don’t agree that you only contribute volume Graham. I would go for a workshop plus follow up as Joan suggests.  Perhaps a “start a session with a samba” (or whatever) for a limited period at the beginning of a session,  before going on to the main songs. Interested to hear what members think
david - 10-02-20

Trust me,  volume is where my strength lies. Just keep a time limit on it and I think we can have fun and become better players. Getting quite excited already. Just don't hit me with trying to work out the difference between samba and salsa. Been watching Strictly for 15 years and still can't tell the difference.
graham - 10-02-20

Neither do I Graham, I am going to have to learn this stuff.
david - 11-02-20

I heartily agree with all of the above, however I do think that we need an instrument warm up following the body and vocal, Just a rousing rendition of we shall not be moved? No I mean something brief just to get the fingers and brain in sync (as much as we ever do).(Song or instrumental)
Samba this week David?? Yes strict time limit!!!
If you need anything projecting I will have to have it beforehand.

jefft - 11-02-20

Err. I hadn't realised that there seems to be 9 Samba rhythms and each is a 2 bar set?
Perhaps not Samba to start with??

jefft - 11-02-20

Terrific idea David---I think everyone would thoroughly enjoy this as well as benefitting mightily.
jacq - 12-02-20

I would refer to my first post, I have yet to get my head round some of this stuff harder than one thinks! I will up date when half competent
david - 12-02-20

Agree with what you say great idea ,ican do different strums?but only when I am concentrating on nothing else,like joan is saying I think?But all for it.Will improve the group.
john aslin - 12-02-20

Hi all it would help with strumming different patterns,if Graham,Dave Mc,Jeff,could do a list of what songs we would use a certain strum to?Would help me amyway :-).I know you guys do a lot which I sure the groups appreciates and thank you.Just a idea but those of us who play a lot at home could gain a lot from practice on strums,and at group practice as we did today which was good.Have I made any sense,sorry to waffle on.
john aslin - 12-02-20

David - fully in agreement with you regarding keeping time ,we could do with some help !
'Strum a month ' good idea and then a song where we can put it into practice

sue moss - 14-02-20

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andy stanton

Technical Nerdy Bit Regarding off line files
You know how I have struggled over the years to make the song list available on tablets etc.
Many a time I have come close to despair.  It's not helped when later versions of Android do not support the use of off line web pages.
I have now discovered that only Firfox displays local files properly.
So if you have downloaded the off line content and you are wondering why it doesn't work then download the Firefox web browser on to your Android device, and use that. You might find it works.
Sorry it took me so long to find out about this.

Really excited about this Andy but Firefox won't let me login with the password you have given me. Do I need to log off from Chrome before I can login with Firefox?
graham - 16-02-20

I'll private message you.

andy stanton - 16-02-20

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Wednesday's List
The new Wednesday's Song List is now up, David N's list
On reviewing and recording these lists (recently) I have 4 lists and they have all been from men.
jefft - 20-02-20

Perhaps our "ladies" prefer to be told what to play by us manly men. Obviously they need guidance in such masculine matters and defer these difficult tasks to the superior gender.
Anyone of a female persuasion willing to submit a list will obviously have to run it past the manly men sub committee but once that is done we may well be able to accept quite a few of their suggestions.

Lights blue touch paper and retires to a considerable distance. Anyone got a dustbin lid?

graham - 21-02-20

It has been 24 hours and nothing????
jefft - 22-02-20

I'm still waiting. This dustbin lid is really heavy.
graham - 22-02-20

Well you are a braver man?than me?I love our Ladies :-)
john aslin - 23-02-20

Hmmm, doesn't seem to understand the concept of silent contempt.

andy stanton - 23-02-20

Yes,you will wait and wait?I can feel the Solidarity of the Ladies?The silence is the reply.
john aslin - 23-02-20

the expression of one's meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect.

graham - 23-02-20

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Old Android tablets
I am looking for 2 or 3 disused / discarded Android tablets. The sort of thing that you put in a draw when you get your "New" one.
I am attempting to make NewUkes jam sessions smoother, now that we have officially abandoned the paper songbooks. ( if you have a NewUkes folder then do with it what you will, we don't want them back)
The intention is to remove all software (and data) that is not needed and just run SongBook software and a copy of "Jim's" PDF file. (they will only need to maintain a battery life of 2 hours)
I’m afraid I havent got one Jeff but sounds like a good idea to me
davidmc - 21-02-20

I have two superannuated tablets spare, although I believe one of them has died.
andy stanton - 21-02-20

I have manages to get an old Nexus 7 back in action!!!
jefft - 21-02-20

Can have mine as soon as I get my new apple :-)
john aslin - 21-02-20

Does the fruit come with online support?
jefft - 22-02-20

Jeff, if you can email me your real address I'll pop these two litte puppies in the post for you.
andy stanton - 23-02-20

Thanks Andy
Dove Cottage
Low Street
NG23 5PA

jefft - 24-02-20

Okay, they're in the post.
They don't keep their charge very well, which is why they're retired.
Along as they are fully charged before your sessions they should be fine.

andy stanton - 25-02-20

Thanks Andy, They arrived safely today and are in the process of being stripped to the bare minimum for repurposing.  
jefft - 27-02-20

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The Seagull Merlin Strumstick
Anyone who expressed an interest in the above instrument may like to view "Ryan's Seagull Merlin M4 Lessons" on Youtube. This will give you an idea of what the instrument is capable of.
The best new price at the moment can be found on a web site called Kytary. Just type in the word followed by co. and then uk.
This retailer is based in Prague but once I persuaded my credit card company to pay them their service was excellent!

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sue moss

U3A Day June 3rd
Ok we now have 12 people interested in playing in the market for this event ,I have let the organisers know that we will need electricity for amplification,I've booked a slot for 2pm so there will be NO band practice that day .
Anyone who has ideas for what they would like to play at this event please bring with you next Wednesday , must be easy for everyone to play and ones we know ,
Looking forward for your ideas .......
Buddy Holly Medley, Alexander's Ragtime, Fve Foot Two any of these Sue Thanks x
christinelathlane - 06-03-20

Thank you Christine for your input
sue moss - 06-03-20

All my loving Ruby Tuesday

chrisconnell - 11-03-20

Ok Chris thank you
sue moss - 11-03-20

Cant buy me love

chrisconnell - 11-03-20

Gig list posted (but not written in stone?)
jefft - 12-03-20

Think there's enough now as yes gig list is up for this event
sue moss - 12-03-20

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sue moss

Filming next week 11th March
So next week we are going to be filmed by Mike who has been asked to do a short video of us to show on Ukelele day ,anyone not happy to be filmed can of course opt out hope this is ok
No problem Sue I'll just keep in the background x
christinelathlane - 07-03-20

Shall we have some Hats ?
Guessing this is for U3A Day in the Market place.
Does this negate the need for a live Gig ?

jacq - 10-03-20

Hi Jacq  ,this is to showcase on a 32" screen in the market place along with short videos of other group activities ,a guy called Mike phoned me .
Gig going ahead as planned 2pm on U3A day , Andy Light has offered to do set up for us on the day ,I've said we can get equipment there as singing group want it in the morning .
Have taken names and suggestions of easy popular songs last week from those coming ,see you tomorrow

sue moss - 10-03-20

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