bob cawson

Just placed a shortened play list for this Wednesday on the site.  However, to meet the CW theme for this month, forthcoming Dementia Group event next month and the U3A Sunny session you may wish to try out the following:

I've been working on the railroad*
This little light of mine*
When I'm 64*
Don't fence me in**
Don't be cruel**
Return to sender**
Keep on the sunny side*

*Can be down loaded from the South Ontario Ukulele Players web site: londonsoup.weebly.com/soup
** Can be download from the Austin Ukulele Society website:  austinukulelesociety.wordpress.com/ukulele-music-library/

Failing that some may have the song sheets passed around sometime ago but I will bring sufficient copies (hopefully!) for all on Wednesday.

Hi Bob, a some of these are already in our "Songs from other sites page" or already exist in the format that we use.
Do you want them added to our "Song List"?
Sorry wont be with you Wednesday

jefft - 27-01-16

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bob cawson

Just received Nottingham County Show 14 May 16 Music Timetable.  We are on from 1230 to 1300 and 1500 to 1530.  Full timetable will be available on Wednesday; other performers on the day are Nottingham Concert Band, Will Cleasby Jazz Quintet and Carlton Male Voice Choir.
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Hello Jeff, Sorry about being late for this, is there any chance of providing a few copies for tomorrow off.
Human by Killers
Galway Girl by Steve Earle
Candy by Paulo Nuttini
I don't now have a computer.
I'm pretty sure your data base will probably cover this.
Thanks Chris.
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david hall

Hello to you all, 4 down only 36 to go!!!,okay so far, hope it lasts. Will keep in touch.
David. H.
Great to hear from you David chin up keep strumming

Love Rita x

rita cutts - 06-02-16

Pleased things are progressing well David. Look forward to seeing you back in the fold.
paul reed - 07-02-16

Great news David! Keep positive thinking! See you soon

tony dawes - 07-02-16

You can do it David. Paddy x
paddy - 07-02-16

So far so good, Super Trooper! x
jacq - 07-02-16

Great news David, hurry up and get back, your band needs you! Love Jackie x
julie wilson - 08-02-16

Hi, David! Just make sure every session counts!
All the Very Best, Robin & Jean.

robin hardy - 09-02-16

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Sorry everyone, I won't be able to join you on Wednesday. Have loft ladder installation and babysitting Grandchild at the same time. DOUBLE TROUBLE !!
Have a good one
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Apologies for Wednesday I have a hospital appt, have a good session David

Does anyone know whether we have a Set List for tomorrow ?


gamble183 - 09-02-16

Anything from A or B unless new one published in the meantime. I think!

tony dawes - 09-02-16

Aha! Tony, your reply to Steve just gave me a very rare light bulb moment. Ping!Thanks! Paddy x
paddy - 09-02-16

OK - Thank You.
Latest dates on some songs:
Gig List A - Happy Days Are Here Again - 13/3/15 not 7/1/15
Gig List B - Sunny Afternoon  - 7/12/15 not 11/11/15  
Though not a lot of difference !


gamble183 - 09-02-16

I have read the above and have decided I am taking two folders with me tomorrow. One folder will contain Gig list 'A' and the other folder will contain Gig list 'B'.....Wo betide if it gets changed. (Maybe a third folder could contain me sarnies?).
david n - 09-02-16

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At Bob's request I have uploaded "Spoof Boredom Prison Blues" & I have added "Eight Foot Two, Solid Blue".

These can be found on the "Other Song Sheets" page.
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VENUE FOR HAPPY BAND. Hi everyone, you may not know that all the Happy Band sessions will now be at Oscars Inn, and the diary now states this. Happy strumming, Paddy x
Have the White Hart been informed? Because the NewUkes (3rd Thursday & 1st Wednesday) is still there!
jefft - 15-02-16

Hi Jeff. I hope not! Remember last week 9 of us were at the White Hart and Bob and Tony were at Oscars, before they joined us? (LOL). So while checking for Wednesday's playlist, I noticed the venues in the U3AHappy Band sessions were now altered to Oscars, so I posted my comment to avoid a similar scenario on Wednesday. I'd like to know the answer to your question too. Paddy
paddy - 15-02-16

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For those of you who have been to the NewUkes sessions but are not on the mailing list.
NewUkes now has a brand new website, curtsey of Andy.
NewUkes evening session is this Thursday 19:30 at the White Hart.
Hi Jeff, I tried to log in and to register and failed. is their some technique or special handshake required?

tony dawes - 16-02-16

We need to ask The Man!
jefft - 16-02-16

Access to NewUkes.uk is by personal invite.
If you want to join us drop me a line.

andy stanton - 16-02-16

I'm also keen that as a matter of courtesy the U3A comments page does not become a message forum for NewUkes.uk.  NewUkes.uk has a forum of its own.
andy stanton - 16-02-16

I also am keen that the NewUkes should not impinge on the U3A page. If you are not on the NewUkes mailing list you will not have received Andy's email with log on details for www.newukes.uk.
If however you attend NewUkes and have not got on to the mail list or need to contact NewUkes can you please mail newukes@gmail.com in future.

jefft - 16-02-16

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I have removed the G7 from the end of the 10th line in "April Showers" and added a section from "Lilly the Pink" into "Cockney Mudley" as requested. I'm not sure that it works but it is easily removed.
I think I have a simple solution for the linking of the songs, cut out the 2 bars of C at the end of each song, and replace with someone calling NOW and straight into the next song except for Lilly the Pink when the call would be Now WEEEEEE'L ---drink etc.
I have just tried it and it works for me.

tony dawes - 20-02-16

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Hello Tony, Great song for Bass and ukes might be Paulo Nutini- High Hopes.
Why not give.it a try see what you think.
Cheers Chris.
Good bass line but I can't see 20 people singing this together. great for a small group though!

tony dawes - 22-02-16

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robin hardy

G'day mates,

Just had a shed-load of charred snags off of several barbies hurled at me.  

Nothing to do with my uke playing of course!

This may have floated on by all you blokes and sheilas in pomie land, but there was a [G] missing before ". . . sprang into the billabong" about 7 verses and  choruses in to "Walzing Matilda"  So I've just added one.

I have to say they were an angry bunch of Aussies, and had there been a billabong to hand I'd have been in it.

I'm pleased to report that I just managed to escape, but had to leave my jumbuck and tucker-bag behind - such is life in the outback (actually Streaky Bay, north west Eyre Peninsula, South Australia, which isn't that far away from it).

Good to see the band is moving forward. I am looking forward to sessions in Oscars!

Cheers, Robin
G'day Robin mate. When do you return from your Great Escape in Streaky Bacon, Jane Eyre Penisula? I'm quaffing a Lemsip right now. Cheers, Paddy.
paddy - 21-02-16

Early June, Paddy.

They tell me it will be all green here by then - but we don't believe them, so we're having to stay and check it out.

Last night there was a country singer on at the trailer-park we're visiting, and I actually knew Walzing Matilda and A Pub With No Beer, which is more than the locals did - audiences aren't very good at joining in the singing down here.

Let's hope they're not all Aussies at the county show!

Hope that nice new uke is behaving it's self.

Cheers,  Robin

robin hardy - 22-02-16

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alan williams

Hi Folks, sorry cant make Wednesday yet again, but will be with you at Mondays gig (29th). Cheers Alan
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tony dawes

Hi All. Please have a look at my comments on the County Show Set list and lets have your views please.
In my opinion the key to success for us will be audience involvement and participation, to get this we need to grab attention and keep it, the easiest way is to play familiar pieces well, and with a wide variety and with lots of patter from the leader (well done Bob)
We could highlight the sets with small group pieces in things like Maggie with a solo singer and O'Susanna with lots of banjo or only banjo.

I think that Lilly the Pink and Old time medley (Knees up mother brown, should be included.
If possible Travelling Light and Singing the blues should be a medley as they are very similar.

If the set list is too long Drop April Showers and Singing in the Rain as well as Down by the Riverside and Saints go Marching


Looks good to me Tony. My only thoughts are to have a set list, (I know we have a list at this time), but so as I know what I am going to play and I can then practice and not have a list that we "may be" playing. We need then to proceed with  'Practice', 'Practice', 'Practice'.......(as all good bands do). Let>s get the set list sorted.
By the way, just to say I shall not be there on Wednesday but I will be at the 'Open Door' gig.

david n - 22-02-16

Hello folks, Spot on with the comments Tony maybe Old Macdonald had a farm might suit the wellie brigade.(joking)  When the saints and Down by the riverside okay for a carnival float but will kill the audience. Time to discuss on Wednesday me thinks.
Cheers Chris.

chris - 22-02-16

The most democratic way is to meet up say, an hour early, with advance notice so that all members can attend and have a say, and it's important that enough time is allotted (and for myself, I don't want it eating into music making time). But ultimately, one person or a very small 'gigs' team needs to choose the set list.
Bob asked for my input on the list he put forward (and I heard him ask everyone for input) so last week I listened, without playing or singing, to songs that were on the list he presented as 'maybes', then fed back to him. I honestly dislike lots of the songs we do, they are dated and samey, with little variety in key, time and tempo. I particularly loathe some songs, and was surprised by the ones that sounded best, but those were the ones I promoted, regardless.
I wholeheartedly agree with the principles Tony and David put forward. I gather, though, that there won't be a 'seated' 'audience' ( is this correct?) That we will, in effect, be 'elevator' music.
I won't be there, though I will be taking part in the 'Open Door' gig, because it's for a good cause. I don't even know which group members WILL be performing at the County Show. But it seems to me the fairest thing of all is that those who ARE taking part PUT FORWARD the songs, and agree upon the programme.
Here and now, I am the opposite of Tony, and ask that SOMEONE, PLEASE SHOOT ME NOW! Or, at the very least, give me a bottle of red and a colossal funnel. Paddy x      

paddy - 22-02-16

Quote from the show website:
Feb 11, 2016
Music Marquee to take "centre stage"
MUSICAL talent from across Nottinghamshire will take to the stage in May at this year’s Nottinghamshire County Show.

After the success of its début in 2015, the music marquee is set to return as one of the highlights of the popular annual show with an even stronger line-up. Jazz quintets, ukulele bands and more will fill the marquee with the sound of music over the two day event on May 14 and 15.

jefft - 23-02-16

Since I opted to leave your company I can hear those who may be thinking, “what's it got to do with you k***head?”, but I'm entirely in agreement with Paddy on this.  It's a lonely furrow to plough, Paddy, but you have my best wishes with your noble endeavour.

A lot of the stuff the group plays isn't worth playing for any other purpose than developing your skills. Perhaps up to now that has been okay, although you know I was fairly vocal when my sense of artistic integrity forbade me to be wholly quiet.

This group has moved on considerably in its overall ability.  You should feel proud.  As I was a part of that I certainly do.  However, you now need to move on further and start exercising a lot more discretion in your choice of sets, PARTICULARLY IF YOU ARE PERFORMING IN PUBLIC.

There are some items on the set list which if they were a dog you would have to do something.  It would look at you with big sad uncomprehending eyes as you were making complicated decisions about quality of life, but eventually, and out of kindness, you would take the poor mutt to the vets to end its suffering.  So it is with a good many items on the set list.

Being able to play a song well is no reason for performing it if the song itself is unspeakable. Likewise, the ability to play bagpipes is no justification for inflicting  them on an audience.

I'm 100% behind Paddy's criteria:-

1. Are they dated?
2. Are they 'samey'?
3. Have you heard it played in a lift at any time?
4. Does it lack tempo and variety?

andy stanton - 23-02-16

On serious reflection, perhaps it would be best to pull out of the Newark Show at this stage of our development! I do agree with all the comments made, they appear to be broadly in line with my thinking and with a number of the stronger players not being able to attend maybe it is better to pull the plug early.
tony dawes - 23-02-16

Maybe we need to canvas who can attend and focus on their opinions and preferences?
(I am not able to attend)

admin - 23-02-16

Hi Jeff,
If you make a post while you're working in admin mode, it doesn't get circulated!
Andy the Web Nerd!

andy stanton - 23-02-16

Don't be so hard on yourselves. That's my job.  I'm not saying you are not good enough for this gig.  I'm just suggesting you revise the material.
andy stanton - 23-02-16

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I am finding the replies difficult to read in the smaller 9 point font, Andy is it possible to make replies the same size as the original post?
A point which seems to be pushed aside is to perform at a respectable level requires more than one session per week. Certainly for me anyway.
chris - 23-02-16

And what do you want for my next trick?
andy stanton - 23-02-16

I know that you can't resist a challenge! and now I can read the reply!
admin - 23-02-16

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bob cawson

I have just put a revised play list for Monday’s Gig at Balderton and I suggest that it is run through tomorrow.  Those members who have said they will be at Balderton are:  Anne, Bob, Colleen, David McK, David N, Gill, Irene, Jackie, Jacq, Paddy, Paul, Roger, Stephen & Tony.  Timings/venue are as in the diary.
For info.   Carol at the White Hart was informed by me on the ‘phone last week that due to the increase in the group numbers the space in their premises was no longer large enough for our needs.  I thanked her for all the assistance she and her family have given the group over a lengthy period of time and I followed that up by sending her a large bunch of flowers on behalf of the group.

Hi Bob please add me to the list for Mondays Gig at Balderton. Thanks Alan
alan williams - 23-02-16

Hello Bob. Could you also add me to the list please.

chris - 23-02-16

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Hello everyone,just to wish you well for the gig on Monday.
Have a good time, that is what the uke was made for, having fun and enjoying yourselves. As for me l am halfway there now, just 4 weeks (20 sessions) to go. Feeling tired but hoping to see you all in early April.
David H.
Hang on in there David, you will be back here strumming before you know it!
Best wishes

tony dawes - 27-02-16

See you in April David, look forward to seeing you and your ukulele back in the gang. Best wishes Jackie
julie wilson - 28-02-16

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paul reed

Hi everyone. Just to let you know that both Alan Williams and myself have both been unwell overnight and will not make it to the gig today. Hit by some coughing and spluttering lurgie. Hope everything goes well. Paul
Hi all,
I also have the 'lurgie' after rough night and 'croakie' voice and headache, so will not be able to make today's gig.


gamble183 - 29-02-16

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