I really enjoyed the gig yesterday, think it was one of the best we have done. Well done everybody.  Special thanks to Bob for keeping all our recalcitrant noses to the grindstone in rehearsals, Christine for her sterling roadie actvities with the PA (which seems to work well), and Tony for his rock steady bass lines which both gave us more depth of sound and as importantly kept us all together really well. Have a relaxing Sunday
Steady on David, I will not be able to get my  hat on.
I also enjoyed it. Thanks to everyone, well done.

tony dawes - 24-04-16

Thanks to all those who played at Allington on Saturday - probably our best performance to date.  So give yourselves a big pat on the back.  Nothing but good comments received from those who heard us and I have received two requests for the band to return to the village for other engagements – one later in the year (Sep?) and the other in 2017!  More details when received.

Could have done without the need to rejig the setup to allow the ‘olde worlde’ dancers to perform – but that’s show business!  Many thanks to all those who helped strip out and load up the equipment – Christine and I could have done with your help when we got home!  I thought I had left manhandling of PA equipment behind in my youth!

Diary is being updated today.  NB Date for the TROC BBQ has had to change (now 18 Jun or 2 Jul).  Please let me know on Wednesday which date is preferred.  Beaumond House have also asked if we could play for them so I’m visiting there on Wednesday to discuss the possibility.  Result of the meeting will be notified in due course.

Play list for this Wednesday is on this site.  Please add to it:

Spoof Boredom Folsom Prison Blues ( Song sheet used at Allington)
In the good old summertime*
Summertime Blues*
Let’s uke again*
Glory of love (From 2015 Lincoln Uke Festival Song Book (available in the library)
The sun has got his hat on (Song sheet available on Wednesday)

Hopefully this selection should give us a rest from most of the County Show numbers, a selection to choose 3 from for the June U3A meeting and a few others to try.

*Song sheets available in "Songs from ther sites" list.

bob cawson - 25-04-16

The Glory of love is now on the Songs from other sites
jefft - 25-04-16

Lots of B flats on Summertime Blues. Single strokes with fast changes. :-)
paddy - 26-04-16

Quick changes but no key change :(
Just added "Ukulele (Hallelujah Spoof)" to  Songs from other sites

jefft - 26-04-16

Just played the Hallelujah spoof and it's genius. Not only do the words fit the musical phrasing perfectly, but I could hardly sing for laughing out loud. Brilliant!
paddy - 27-04-16

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roger mackinder

hi bob can we have a time for saturday gig at balderton
Roger, not sure if Bob will pick your message up in time. He said on Wednesday that Balderton gig we needed to be there at 14:45
If anybody knows better pleases post.

jefft - 01-07-16

The Happy Band were due to start 3.00pm
david n - 01-07-16

Hi David,( were due to start at 3.00pm ) does that mean that we are nolonger starting at that time and if so, what time are we starting?

tony dawes - 01-07-16

:) it was 3.00pm now its 1500.
jefft - 01-07-16

Tony, and anybody else who might be listening!
An unfortunate choice of word 'were'. It is wholly and utterly true that the band will commence their performance at 3.00pm, (1500hrs by Jeff>s timing)......you know how it is when you get typing?. Words and thoughts often stray, mispellings and, then age creeps into it somewhere.

david n - 02-07-16

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david n

On behalf of St. Giles Church PCC I thank all members of the U3A Ukulele Happy Band who turned out on this glorious summers afternoon and entertained us so well with your singing and playing. Thank you.
(I later heard very favourable comments, even from people who were not inside the hall but outside listening).
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paul reed

Hi everyone.
I now have my chairmans hat on and would like to thank all of you who performed today at Sconcefest. I thought it went really well apart from one person who seems unable to start a particular song in the right key. Many thanks Bob for all your hard work arranging all the gigs for this year.
Agree fully with your comments Paul,starts were much better, overall performance smoother
timing more controlled. So I guess it's well done everyone. Paul put the wrong key down to
a printing error we understand honest.
Cheers Chris.

chris - 03-07-16

I met a woman in a pub last night and she had seen the wandering U3A minstrels on the Sconce and said it was a very enjoyable performance.  Well done everyone, David
davidmc - 04-07-16

What a pleasure and what good fun it was to do the gig at the Sconce, we were together, the pace was good,we smiled and had fun. Great organizing by Bob, a truly Happy Band. What a contrast to our performance at St Giles (despite the polite comments received).
I would like to take issue with Paul, he was not the only one to booboo I fouled up the end of Sunny Afternoon or did we miss out a verse?
Well done everyone!!!

tony dawes - 04-07-16

Hello Tony, I'm sure a vastly vastly shortened version of Sunny Afternoon was just as effective for the audience.(Thanks for the get out jail card).

chris - 04-07-16

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paul reed

Hi everyone again.
I have had a email forwarded to me by George the Sconce ranger, it was from Lynn Preece, Relief Arts Development Officer for the Council. She said how much she liked the band and was wondering who we were. She mentioned that there is funding for over 50's groups and was wondering if we had any projects planned. Can anyone give me Bobs email address so I can forward it on to him. Hopefully we can scrape through on the over 50's criteria.
Hi Paul, seems I missed a good day at t he. sconce. Well done the band! If you have not yet
got it Bobs e-mail address is:
David H.

david hall - 04-07-16

Hi Paul, seems I missed a good day at t he. sconce. Well done the band! If you have not yet
got it Bobs e-mail address is:
David H.

david hall - 04-07-16

With reference to Paul's entry.  I have spoken at some length with Lynn Preece regarding the possibility of some assistance from the "Over 50's" funds for the band and how to apply.  I ask that you all give some thought as to how the group might realistically benefit from such funding and if you have any suggestions please send them direct to my email address by Tuesday 12th July and not put them on this comments page.  I will assume no suggestions if a reply is not received by Tuesday.  Once I have collated the suggestions then I'll process an application - must strike while the iron is hot!
I've received your ideas Tony - many thanks.

bob cawson - 06-07-16

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paul reed

Thanks David. Yes a good day was had by all.
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Excellent gig yesterday, enjoyed by all and sundry !


Great picture, as I mentioned earlier I met Miss Sundry on Sunday night and she (Vera from Oscars) said she and her friends really enjoyed the show.
davidmc - 05-07-16

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julie wilson

Hi Everyone. Thank you for your lovely get well wishes, be back as soon as I can, I'm strumming when I can. Have fun on Saturday. Love from Jackie x
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bob cawson

Beaumond House Fete Sat 23 Jul (AM):

Only 2 players indicated on the availability sheet that has been circulated at Wednesday meetings for a good number of weeks that they could attend the Beaumond House gig.   I have therefore informed the Hospice that we are unable to produce a band for the event.

Winthorpe Festival Sat 23 Jul (PM):

We have now been approached, via Tony, by the Winthorpe Festival organising committee asking if we could do a couple of sets at their festival on Sat 23 Jul between 1330 and 1700 hours.  The function will be held at the Winthorpe Community Centre.   I have promised to let them know by this Wednesday evening if we can.  I therefore request that group members confirm by e-mail, text or at the Wednesday meeting if they are able to attend so that I can inform the organisers.  If I don’t receive a reply by the end of the meeting I’ll assume that an individual isn’t able to attend.

Averham gig:  The following received from organiser:  "Please, please pass on our thanks to you and all the band. Everyone enjoyed it so much.  Thanks again!!”

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Song changes as indicated by consensus today 13 July 2016 please check and if I have any of it wrong let me know.
Singing the blues
Words added in pink to intro to make playing easier

King of the road
No changes

Cockney medley
2 bars of instrumental removed between My old man and Coconuts

Wartime medley
No change

What Do You Want To Make _Eyes
Single strum after D7 therefore tacet until the G7
They [D7]Ʌ make me want a lot of things that [G7] I've never had

Midnight Special
C7 added as a turnaround between the two final choruses

Alexanders Ragtime and Chattanooga
No change

Rock around the clock
Voices / solo removed.
Single strum on [C] Ʌ at start of first 3 lines

Red Feathers
Intro and instrumental line expanded to show bars.
Note: the rhythm is as the last line of chorus.  

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From Steve Oxley
Just a reminder that it the Oscars Sunday rebels session this weekend. All welcome for a singalong or play or both. Start at 4pm. See you there...!!
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bob cawson

Received a lot of complimentary remarks after yesterday afternoons performance together with a thank you card from the organiser and a £25 donation.  Received two requests for possible bookings at new venues for consideration.  A couple of U3A ladies who, although not ukulele players, also indicated that they would possibly be prepared to assist in the vocal department.  Again worth considering.  Many thanks also to those who came early to help setup and then pack up - your assistance was very much appreciated.  Finally thanks to Gill for all her efforts in organising the event, playing and her involvement in laying on the "eats".
So good that we now have to consider a bank of encore songs :)
jefft - 17-07-16

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Sorry I will not be able to get to the session at Oscars today, but I will attend at Winthorpe on Saturday, regards David
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gordon eden

Hi Bob,  Sorry, not able to attend Winthorpe on Saturday after all
.  Have a good one.

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Balderton Methodist Church Hall Gig Saturday,16th July,2016  

Well Done everybody today. Strange one this New songs for Wednesday, if Jeff brings the Newukes folder, people who can download U3a other songs and or Newukes songs.Between folder and downloads I would have thought enough songs to cover nearly every taste without the need to print zillions of copies. Of course there are no Northern Soul songs?.
Just a thought.
Cheers Chris.

chris - 23-07-16

Hi everyone , well done everyone! I thought the gig went well at Winthorpe we were mostly together and we didn't drag along we kept the pace lively.
Look at the pic above, we do not look like a very happy band. I was the only one smiling and I wasn't in the pic.(at least that's my story!)
See you all on Wednesday.

tony dawes - 23-07-16

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bob cawson

As I haven’t received any suggestions for tomorrow’s playlist I have cobbled a few together.   If anyone is bringing their own favourites please ensure that there are enough songs sheets to go round bearing in mind that not all have access to lap tops, Wi-Fi etc.

Diary Events.

I would very much appreciate it if members could check their diaries and confirm whether they are available for the following events by either completing that availability sheets at tomorrow’s meeting or by emailing to my email address.  I realise in some cases it is early days but the event organisers are keen know if we can fulfil the engagement.

Mon 15 Aug 16 (1300-1500):  Monday Open 1 Dementia Group at the Flowserve Social Club, Balderton
Thu 25 Aug 16 (1300-1500):  Thursday Open 1 Dementia Group at the Flowserve Social Club, Balderton
Sun 11 Sep 16 (PM):  Allington Village Summer Fete at their village hall. (Exact timings to be confirmed)
Thu 22 Sep 16 (1300-1500):  Thursday Open 1 Dementia Group at the Flowserve Social Club, Balderton
Fri 30 Sep 16 (1130 -1300):  Macmillan fund raising coffee morning at the Robin Hood Theatre at Averham
Sat 12 Nov 16:  Association of Guide Dogs for the Blind at Claypole Village Hall (PM – Exact timings TBC)

Hello fellow ukers. Just wanted to say well done Bob for your sterling work in acquiring such a marvellous grant.
Cheers Chris

chris - 27-07-16

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Just to say a huge thanks to Bob for all he has done to apply for, and succeed in getting for us, our grant of £1000 WOW
And also to say, we got this because someone heard us playing and singing at The Sconce Fest, spoke to Paul and hey guess what?!
I think the Newark U3A Ukulele Happy Band should take a bow-------and an encore!
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Song changes from today:
Walk Right In single down strokes identified with Ʌ
Songs Added as requested:
Jackson (with parts)
Proud Mary.
I have sort of worked out the instrumental riff for Proud Mary as :

[F]DUD  [D]UUD  [F]DUD  [D]UUD  [F]DUD  [D]UUD  [C]DD  [Bb]DUD  [G]D(orU) please try and advise and I will try to add notation to song.

I did mention the three versions of C for the start of Rock Around The Clock, so they could be normal C 0003, next inversion 0433 then next inversion 5433.  Those that feel confident give it a go, however the chords are so spaced by tacet most should have time to get to them once learnt. If this sounds wrong to you please say so.
Have I missed anything?

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