I really enjoyed the gig yesterday, think it was one of the best we have done. Well done everybody.  Special thanks to Bob for keeping all our recalcitrant noses to the grindstone in rehearsals, Christine for her sterling roadie actvities with the PA (which seems to work well), and Tony for his rock steady bass lines which both gave us more depth of sound and as importantly kept us all together really well. Have a relaxing Sunday
Steady on David, I will not be able to get my  hat on.
I also enjoyed it. Thanks to everyone, well done.

tony dawes - 24-04-16

Thanks to all those who played at Allington on Saturday - probably our best performance to date.  So give yourselves a big pat on the back.  Nothing but good comments received from those who heard us and I have received two requests for the band to return to the village for other engagements – one later in the year (Sep?) and the other in 2017!  More details when received.

Could have done without the need to rejig the setup to allow the ‘olde worlde’ dancers to perform – but that’s show business!  Many thanks to all those who helped strip out and load up the equipment – Christine and I could have done with your help when we got home!  I thought I had left manhandling of PA equipment behind in my youth!

Diary is being updated today.  NB Date for the TROC BBQ has had to change (now 18 Jun or 2 Jul).  Please let me know on Wednesday which date is preferred.  Beaumond House have also asked if we could play for them so I’m visiting there on Wednesday to discuss the possibility.  Result of the meeting will be notified in due course.

Play list for this Wednesday is on this site.  Please add to it:

Spoof Boredom Folsom Prison Blues ( Song sheet used at Allington)
In the good old summertime*
Summertime Blues*
Let’s uke again*
Glory of love (From 2015 Lincoln Uke Festival Song Book (available in the library)
The sun has got his hat on (Song sheet available on Wednesday)

Hopefully this selection should give us a rest from most of the County Show numbers, a selection to choose 3 from for the June U3A meeting and a few others to try.

*Song sheets available in "Songs from ther sites" list.

bob cawson - 25-04-16

The Glory of love is now on the Songs from other sites
jefft - 25-04-16

Lots of B flats on Summertime Blues. Single strokes with fast changes. :-)
paddy - 26-04-16

Quick changes but no key change :(
Just added "Ukulele (Hallelujah Spoof)" to  Songs from other sites

jefft - 26-04-16

Just played the Hallelujah spoof and it's genius. Not only do the words fit the musical phrasing perfectly, but I could hardly sing for laughing out loud. Brilliant!
paddy - 27-04-16

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I have been informed last evening, that The White Hart closed from 31st May.
I have taken the decision to cancel the session tomorrow, sorry about the short notice.
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andy stanton

Please Note!  No song sheets

Click to ENLARGE video clip

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bob cawson

Better late than never - songs for tomorrow now on site.  No excuses other than over committed!  Add to this from the Songs from other sites:  In the good old summertime, The Glory of Love, King of the road and from the issued song sheet "Gypsy Rover".
Just a reminder for those attending the AGM on Thursday the songs the group opted to perform are:  You are my sunshine; In the good old summer time; Sunny afternoon
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Corrections done from yesterday, Gypsy Rover & Glory of Love now added.
Hotel Yorba is on but still needs some work on the chords and
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bob cawson

Just added a play list for this coming Wednesday and also a provisional play list for both the TROC and West Bridgford Gigs.  If you're attending this Wednesday please bring along the song sheet for Gypsy Rover (doesn't appear to be in the Song List (well not on my PC anyway!) and King of the Road.

Gypsy (traveller) Rover now posted (sorry oversight)
jefft - 13-06-16

Jefft - I have lost grips with me laptop. I have searched Hi and Lo and behold I couldn>t find Gypsy Rover. I have looked in the play list and other song list. I think the Gypsy in me has 'Roved'.............gaw>d luv >a duck. Help me somebody....please!
david n - 14-06-16

Perhaps you put it on the NewUkes site!


andy stanton - 14-06-16

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Third time lucky!!!, can anybody see it now?
Got it................!!!!!Yeeow. (Applause and High Five).
david n - 14-06-16

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I have done the following:
Worried Man
One Paddle Two Paddle
Wartime Medley
She Wears Red Feathers
New version of King of the Road.
Sunny Afternoon Intro (without bass) now 8 bars
Cockney Medley, “Lilly the pink” now removed.
This Old House, instrumental bit removed.
Singing the Blues  Just added Ʌ after D chord before cry-y-y-y. (which is how we play it anyway)
Return to sender  end of song  [C]Ʌ zone” (which is how we play it anyway)
I still have to look at the intro to Gypsy (traveller) Rover.

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bob cawson

As mentioned on Wed and just in case anyone hasn't seen it I placed a slightly revised play list for tomorrow's TROC BBQ in the Set List this morning.  Thanks Jeff for getting the new/revised song sheets on the list so quick.
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I have added "There Is A Tavern In The Town" to the songbook (it can be removed if we decide not use it) I have put it in as written not the modified version.
I have added "The JCB Song" to other songs page (this is the video)  

The intros for "Singing the Blues" and "King of the Road" have been annotated on the song sheets. Click to ENLARGE video clip

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