bob cawson

I've just received the following email that might be of interest to anyone who may fancy a weekend by the sea
"Hi, I have been persuaded to run a ukulele festival here on the East Coast of Yorkshire,details below for this charity amateur event and ask if you could publicise the event to your members.See us on Facebook 'Skipsea Ukulele Festival' Many thanks, Malcolm, U3A Bridlington Applications are invited for performers to take part in this new Festival to be held on Saturday 2nd April 2016 at Skipsea Village Hall. Skipsea, East Yorkshire. Depending on numbers the event will start from around 3.00 pm and finish around 10.00 pm. Ukulele players of all standards will be welcome whether you perform alone, in a small group or a huge orchestra. Folk singers will also be very welcome to make this event a varied musical experience.Full Bar and Catering facilities will be available Enquiries please to Malcolm Sparks on 01262468479 or to skipseaukulelefestival2016@yahoo.com"
Sounds good!
andy stanton - 08-10-15

Sounds amazing ! Jacq
jacq - 09-10-15

I may be interested if others are. I contacted the organiser and he said local accommodation is available........including at his b and b
davidmc - 28-10-15

I may be interested if others are. I contacted the organiser and he said local accommodation is available........including at his b and b
davidmc - 28-10-15

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bob cawson

Some of you may be interested in the content of the following email I have received from the Lincoln Uke Group
"Hi everyone
This is just a quick message to say that, following on from the success of this year's event, we have decided to stage a second ukulele festival in Lincoln next April.
We have provisionally booked the event for Sunday 17 April 2016 at the same venue, Bishop Grosseteste university.  We are hoping to start earlier this time (11.00am) to allow for two guest spots.  We are busy making final arrangements with these artistes, so I can't let you know who they are just yet, but unfortunately James Hill and Jake Shimabukuro were both busy on that day!!
We have booked both rooms at the venue, which will double the floor space available to us, and hired the services of a professional sound system.
We will be running some workshops concurrently and have already started receiving donations for raffle prizes.
Once again, the event will be free and we look forward to welcoming you, your club members, friends and family back to our fantastic city for a day of unmitigated, universal, ukuleleness!
So please put Sunday 17 April 2016 in your diary!!
Best wishes
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david n

Following this afternoons band session, Wednesday 21st October 2015 and the adoption to me of 'Oh Susannah'......those of you who are using banjolele>s might want to have a look at a website www.capotastomusic.com and have a look at the tabs Oh Susanna for ukulele in C arranged by Peter edvinsson. It is my intention to play, with variation, all the bars as an intro and then the first 9 bars as an outro, in between is the Happy Band playlist version of Oh Susannah. Shouldn>t be too much of a problem as both sets of music are in the key of C. There is one thing I do differently in the intended intro/outro and that is in the opening bar with the  C & D notes (beamed/eighth notes?), I pluck the C note and immediately hammer on with the D note. I then do the same at bars 5 and 13. I personally thought that we played the song too fast and I would love to settle on a 'US March' beat of about 90 - 95 bpm. Hope this goes some way to help in the playing of this piece. (I am not musically trained by the way and I welcome any help/advise with the piece of music).   Thank you     David N
David, you don't need to be musically trained. You only need to be musically aware.  It sounds like a good arrangement.  Best of luck with it.
andy stanton - 21-10-15

Hi David, like the sound of both intro and outro. Having a sensitive musical ear and capturing the vibe of the song is much more important than being musically trained. And you could always 'cherry pick' the parts of the tab arrangement you like best, and then develop it to make it your own. You've also thought about the tempo as well; really important in setting the mood of the piece. Most of all, enjoy it and rock it! Paddy :-)  
paddy - 22-10-15

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andy stanton

Following Jeff's query about sound clips last week I've done a bit more tinkering, and lo and behold, you now have sound clips.  There are one or two rules which doubtless someone will try to break.
2. Please do not use punctuation in the file names for the mp3 files. Keeping it simple avoids complication.  You will find if you try to uses '/' it will be substituted with '-'.
3.  There is a size limit of 2 megabytes per file.
4.  As a group you will need to decide what sort of audio files you wish to keep.  The sample files I've already installed are metronomes counting in 3-4 and 4-4 time.  That's a matter for you lot.
To embed a sound file in a comment just click on 'AUDIO' below and select the required file from the mp3 library.  Once you've done that it will return a short length of code representing that link.
So here goes.  First clip, a metronome in 3-4 time at 80 beats per minutes:-
Metronome 80 BPM 3-4.mp3
and another metronome in 4-4 time at 92 BPM:-
Metronome 92 BPM 4-4.mp3

Have fun!
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I will have to give my apologies for Wednesdays uke meeting.  I am in Southend mending my daughters house!  Have a good time regards David  
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andy stanton

Here's two more metronome clips:-
1. Metronome 2-4 60 BPM.mp3
2. Metronome 6-8 80 BPM.mp3

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Note to Paddy sorry I couldn't get past week and the short notice but will be there with your uke today regards David
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Only one change this week, in Sunny Afternoon.
Last line of the last chorus is now:

|Am|in the |D7|summertime, in the |Am|summertime, in the |D7|summertime,
in the |Am|summertime , , , |Am7| (Fade , , , , )
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bob cawson

I've just put the songs for tomorrow in the Set List.  It looks a lot but it is combination of those for the Flowserve Gig, some that we need, based on last Saturday's performance, more practice at "Starts" and "Finishes", a few "easy" Christmas songs and a couple of others that might fit into the next two gigs to replace some that aren't suitable for the audience!  Apologies for late publication but have had trouble with internet access.
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MINOR AMENDMENTS : He'll Be Coming Down The Chimney When He Comes

Surprised to see one of my ditties coming up on the play list, so being a year further down the line in my uke oddysey, I thought I'd better give it a run through to see if it holds up to playing/singing.

I recon it needs these minor changes to scan (sing) better:
(you can easily write these in if you printed the 2014 original version)

1. Drop the "Oh" at the start of the "Mistletoe Kisses" verse (Verse 7) :

"Oh he'll give mistletoe kisses when he comes(mum's treat)..."


"He'll give mistletoe kisses when he comes(mum's treat)..."

2. In the last verse (Verse 9) :

(a) Change the start from "So . . " to "So do" (to remove timing issue with the pause)
(b) Add "we" in front of the "will too" in the blue brackets at the end of the line for the caller (it just sits better)

" So . . have a Happy Christmas we will too(will too)"


" So do have a Happy Christmas we will too(we will too)"

To help with remembering the chords for the verses (Andy will be chuffed if we can manage this!), I have put a skeleton chord pattern for all the verses below the second verse.

This song, like the original, can be pretty long . . . (but if we and the audience are enjoying it, why not?),
but to give options I have numbered the verses so a reduced number can be specified.

There are only three basic chords in this song, so you can save printing space by hiding the chords before printing.


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robin hardy

Just been doing a bit of "housekeeping" on "All my Loving".

We were giving this a run through at Newukes and realised there was an "Am" missing before the "Day" in the second verse, now corrected. R.
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CHRISTMAS LUNCH MENU IS IN THE DIARY... I will be taking choices for two courses
at next meeting and hopefully a 5.00 deposit.
You are a resourceful bunch.
It never occurred to me when I designed it that people might use the diary for pinning up notices like for instance a Christmas menu.  However it seems to work.  I'd just ask people not to use the dairy as forum, and that if you want to pass messages about your order please use the '121reply' which will convey messages directly to Irene.

Irene, If you get messages with a number in brackets on your front page it means somebody has contacted you.  You click on 'messages' to pick up the message.

andy stanton - 22-11-15

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bob cawson

I've just added the set list for this coming Wednesday (28th) to the web site.  Please also bring along a copy of "Singing the Blues" that has, for some reason, disappeared from the main Play List.
For those who weren't at last week's meeting or don't read the diary this coming Wednesday's meeting will be at the Oscar's Inn, 105 Balderton Gate, NG24 1RY at the normal timings.  Plenty of free car parking at the rear of the pub.
I have added Singing the Blues2 to the play list.
The original was still on file just not viable :( so I added it again with the suffix 2, until the man can work out how we have managed to break it again.

jefft - 23-11-15

Can't see set list 28th? (by the by I won't be with you due to a funeral)

jefft - 23-11-15

I really don't know how you manage it!  I've corrected it but I have no idea how you lot managed to corrupt this file.

Just a further note.  Please avoid duplicating song names - a suffix or a prefix doesn't avoid confusion, it causes it.  Anyway, it's all straight now!

andy stanton - 24-11-15

Thanks Andy, it was showing in the managed list, just not in the play list. It didn't appear as removed in the editable list? So I couldn't restore it? I should have given it a diff' temp name meanwhile. sorry
jefft - 24-11-15

Hi Bob and everyone. So sorry, can't make it tomorrow. Jackie x

julie wilson - 24-11-15

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robin hardy

Finally got the revised "He'll be Coming Down the Chimney" up on the site.
It does take me hours to put one of these in the system, mainly me fidling with things I suppose - I shudder to think how many hours Andy has put in to this site.
The song - 1. I have left the G7 in at the start of the verses.
2. Note the pause starting line 4 of the chorus.

You'll let me know at Oscars if any changes are needed I'm sure.

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robin hardy

I know you all changed it on tour sheets last week, but I have changed  "Happy" to "Merry" In the last verse of "He'll be Coming down the chimney" on the play list:- we found that easier to sing.
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