As part of the "Ukulele" traffic that I read on the internet, this article caught my eye, does it ring any bells?

I don’t play “gigs” much, because the music I love best--funny, sweet, catchy songs from the 1920s and 30s--doesn’t have much of an audience these days But when a pal asked me to come by the senior housing place where he works, I had to say yes.
The elders arrived by foot, crutch, and wheelchair, and settled in for their afternoon’s entertainment.
I launched into my 1920s song cycle. Greatest hits from Maurice Chevalier, Helen Kane, Ukulele Ike, and--
I’ve had some experience. I can “read” a crowd.
I would describe the response here as "polite. Merely “polite."
Are their hearing aids up? I wondered. Is it nap time? Do they need tea?
Finally, a woman in the back, who had been brought in a bed, yelled out: “Know any Rolling Stones?"
That was it.  
My repertoire was nearly 100 years old. These songs were old even when these old people were young.
Now here’s the good news.
So, I gave the lady what she wanted. “Honkey Tonk Women,” “Ruby Tuesday,” and a pretty damn impressive ukulele version of “Street Fighting Man.”
And the crowd went wild.

I've said this before.  The residents of care homes these days were into Rock and Roll when they were young.  Cole Porter, Hank Williams, Hoagy Carmichael and their contemporaries wrote songs for their parents' generation.
andy stanton - 12-09-15

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andy stanton

Hi everybody,
Thanks for the UOGB DVD.  We watched it last night whilst tippling through a rather fine bottle of Bordeaux.
Of course I'm still going to be around on line, so if there are any ideas you would like to share with me, then we have this comments page, and do feel free to email me.  I'll continue to service this website along with Robin, Jeff and Bob.
So watch this space.
Any valedictory is not worth a fig unless it is overloaded with sage advice.  This is no exception so I have put a few thoughts about Arranging Songs in the library.
Have fun!
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bob cawson

I have been asked if we could play at a meeting of Open Door 1 (An organisation that offers support to Dementia sufferers and their families.  The organisation has groups in both Newark & Sutton in Ashfield.  The Newark branch meets at the Flowserve Club House, Hawton Lane, Balderton NG24 3BU on Mondays and Thursdays.  The request is for a 30 minute slot on a Monday (either 30 Nov, 7, 14 or 21 Dec) commencing at 1330 hrs.

This means we have 3 gigs earmarked between now & Christmas - Guide Dogs at Claypole, TROC Christmas Fayre & Open Door 1.  I'll bring an availability chart to tomorrow's meeting and would be grateful if you would complete it.  If you are not attending tomorrow could you please email me as to whether you are available to attend any of these events.

Sorry Bob, can't do Mondays.
jefft - 06-10-15

Not  with you tomorrow Bob would need a date for the Monday before able to commit.
paul reed - 06-10-15

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bob cawson

I've just received the following email that might be of interest to anyone who may fancy a weekend by the sea
"Hi, I have been persuaded to run a ukulele festival here on the East Coast of Yorkshire,details below for this charity amateur event and ask if you could publicise the event to your members.See us on Facebook 'Skipsea Ukulele Festival' Many thanks, Malcolm, U3A Bridlington Applications are invited for performers to take part in this new Festival to be held on Saturday 2nd April 2016 at Skipsea Village Hall. Skipsea, East Yorkshire. Depending on numbers the event will start from around 3.00 pm and finish around 10.00 pm. Ukulele players of all standards will be welcome whether you perform alone, in a small group or a huge orchestra. Folk singers will also be very welcome to make this event a varied musical experience.Full Bar and Catering facilities will be available Enquiries please to Malcolm Sparks on 01262468479 or to skipseaukulelefestival2016@yahoo.com"
Sounds good!
andy stanton - 08-10-15

Sounds amazing ! Jacq
jacq - 09-10-15

I may be interested if others are. I contacted the organiser and he said local accommodation is available........including at his b and b
davidmc - 28-10-15

I may be interested if others are. I contacted the organiser and he said local accommodation is available........including at his b and b
davidmc - 28-10-15

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Hi  To anyone out there,  Will there be an improvers tomorrow?  Irene
Nothing on the calender but I can't see why not? I think it is the right week?
jefft - 13-10-15

I will be there
davidmc - 14-10-15

I guess I can be there too!
david n - 14-10-15

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Hi I hope it is OK to post this item on the message board.  If not I apologise.  I have decided to sell my concert ukulele and thought I would see if anyone in the group is interested before advertising it on a well known internet sales website. I am selling it because I have succumbed to the temptation to upgrade a bit also my lefty tenor guitar is going but it is already on that well known site. It is a Kala KA-SCG concert ukulele which cost me £140 a year ago.  It is currently strung left handed with Aquila strings, but can be reversed to right handed with a new set of strings.  It has a strap button fitted. It has a couple of small dings on the front but otherwise in very good condition. It does not have a gig bag so any buyer would need to get one.  I am looking for £80 which I feel is fair if anyone is interested.  Thank you for reading this and sorry if I have stepped out of line by commercialising the site but I would rather it go to someone I know, regards David
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The pie chart of a typical musician's day made me laugh. Thanks. Paddy.
No pie chart yet Paddy. Try posting image as per instructions below.
jefft - 17-10-15

Hi Jefft, I saw it on the 'smile' link under 16/10 ( or was it 10/16? ).......whoever uploaded it, we share the same sense of humour. Thanks :-)
paddy - 17-10-15

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bob cawson

Some of you may be interested in the content of the following email I have received from the Lincoln Uke Group
"Hi everyone
This is just a quick message to say that, following on from the success of this year's event, we have decided to stage a second ukulele festival in Lincoln next April.
We have provisionally booked the event for Sunday 17 April 2016 at the same venue, Bishop Grosseteste university.  We are hoping to start earlier this time (11.00am) to allow for two guest spots.  We are busy making final arrangements with these artistes, so I can't let you know who they are just yet, but unfortunately James Hill and Jake Shimabukuro were both busy on that day!!
We have booked both rooms at the venue, which will double the floor space available to us, and hired the services of a professional sound system.
We will be running some workshops concurrently and have already started receiving donations for raffle prizes.
Once again, the event will be free and we look forward to welcoming you, your club members, friends and family back to our fantastic city for a day of unmitigated, universal, ukuleleness!
So please put Sunday 17 April 2016 in your diary!!
Best wishes
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bob cawson

I’ve just put on the songs for this coming Wednesday on the web site – all are from those said to be suitable for the County Show and will, with your agreement, also be those (plus "Green Door") for the Claypole and Balderton Gigs.    I don’t believe that we have to practise all the tunes all the way through, in some cases beginning and endings might be sufficient plus agreeing some sort of arrangement for each.  This might allow time for other songs to be played including a number of “well known” Christmas numbers for the TROC gig in December.  I suggest that "Santa Claus is coming to town; Jingle Bells, Rudolph; Rocking around the Christmas Tree & Jingle Bell Rock." might be suitable.

From the band members availability (11) I have offered Monday 30th November as the most suitable one for the Balderton performance.

I will not be available for practice on Wednesday and will miss the charming company of you all. Chris
chris - 19/10/2015

Similar to Chris I to must miss the practice, hey ho you cant do everything
alan williams - 19/10/2015

I've been a bit concerned for a while now that when people post one liners as a new comment, such as Chris and Alan's most recent posts, it takes the main post they are referring to off the front page.  These comments should be posted as a 'reply' to the main post and that way they get nested under the main comment which stays on the front page.

To help with this I've made minor changes.  You will notice that the 'New Comment' link has disappeared from the body of the front page, leaving only 'reply' and the 'one to one reply'.  I hope this will encourage people to use 'reply' rather than 'new comment' to add messages or make commentary on posts.

In this new world order if you want to start a new topic or 'thread' as it is known in the realm of tech nerds, then you click on 'NEW TOPIC' in the menu on the left hand side.

You do not click on 'NEW TOPIC' if you are commenting on somebody elses comment.  If the comment you want to reply to is no longer on the front page then click on 'COMMENT' and find it by scrolling down.  When you have found the relevant comment click on 'Reply' at the end of it to open up a dialogue box for your post.

andy stanton - 20-10-15

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david n

Following this afternoons band session, Wednesday 21st October 2015 and the adoption to me of 'Oh Susannah'......those of you who are using banjolele>s might want to have a look at a website www.capotastomusic.com and have a look at the tabs Oh Susanna for ukulele in C arranged by Peter edvinsson. It is my intention to play, with variation, all the bars as an intro and then the first 9 bars as an outro, in between is the Happy Band playlist version of Oh Susannah. Shouldn>t be too much of a problem as both sets of music are in the key of C. There is one thing I do differently in the intended intro/outro and that is in the opening bar with the  C & D notes (beamed/eighth notes?), I pluck the C note and immediately hammer on with the D note. I then do the same at bars 5 and 13. I personally thought that we played the song too fast and I would love to settle on a 'US March' beat of about 90 - 95 bpm. Hope this goes some way to help in the playing of this piece. (I am not musically trained by the way and I welcome any help/advise with the piece of music).   Thank you     David N
David, you don't need to be musically trained. You only need to be musically aware.  It sounds like a good arrangement.  Best of luck with it.
andy stanton - 21-10-15

Hi David, like the sound of both intro and outro. Having a sensitive musical ear and capturing the vibe of the song is much more important than being musically trained. And you could always 'cherry pick' the parts of the tab arrangement you like best, and then develop it to make it your own. You've also thought about the tempo as well; really important in setting the mood of the piece. Most of all, enjoy it and rock it! Paddy :-)  
paddy - 22-10-15

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bob cawson

I've amended the diary dates to reflect the agreement made last Wednesday that the 1st Wednesday in the month is for a non U3A "jam" session.  The remainder of the Wednesday afternoons will be "Happy Band" meetings.  Therefore, there will be a meeting this Wednesday (28th) and I have posted a play list.
In the light of the agreement that Bob has mentioned above and unless there are any objections, I will continue to advertise the Improvers Jam sessions on the Happy Band diary (as I have done with the NewUkes Third Thursday evening  meetings).

I will also undertake (unless there are any objections) to email all those interested in the Jam sessions, as I do with the NewUkes, so that anyone who has an interest can be reminded of the sessions.

In the light of this, if you wish to be added to this list please take the positive action of putting yourself on this list by emailing newukes@gmail.com  (Jeff)

jefft - 26-10-15

Thanks to Bob and Jeff for organising this in their usual and efficient way
davidmc - 27-10-15

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Kala KA-SCG solid top one year old concert uke still for sale. As noted in a previous post this instrument is strung left handed but can easily be reversed (new set of strings would be required probably). I appreciate no-one in the group is interested but if you know anyone locally who might want a decent instrument please consider drawing it to their attention.  I am selling because I have a new concert mode!.  I am now selling for £60 to include a hard case. This is less than half the new price.  thanks for your forbearance with this regards David  
Now sold.
davidmc - 31-10-15

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roger mackinder

Hi Bob regret I will not be available for today |& next wed, have a good session
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You can now see, with a glance at the new "Song Log", which songs have been modified recently. Most of the changes are minor and cover the changes made during rehearsal. For those of you with printed copies, these changes can be noted on your copy without the need to reprint, if you wish.
If you spot an incorrect change or mistake please "Reply"
For information only: "Singing in the rain Ver 2" renamed "Singing in the rain"
jefft - 29-10-15

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after having had a blissfully trouble free time downloading updating the song book using the excellent instructions Andy gave me some months ago suddenly something has gone wrong.  The download to the tablet occurs and is then unzipped etc but when you try to open the songbook I get the one that is a few days out of date. Can anyone think of something blindingly obvious I might be missing?  Thanks for any help.

I assume that you noticed the  "Download Songbook" button has the "Last updated" date under it?
jefft - 29-10-15

Sorry about that, David, but that's always been the case ever since I wrote the original code.  The download is updated only when somebody adds or amends the song list. The date appearing on the download is the date the download was last updated, not the date you downloaded it.  It's just that you hadn't noticed before.
andy stanton - 30-10-15

I think I have stumbled (unusually whilst sober ) on the answer. I was on windows mode and on changing to android/tablet and it seems to have worked! Nice to hear from you Andy hope you and family all well. You are missed in Oscars as standard of testical talking has descended
Regards David

davidmc - 30-10-15

Re Oscars:

So it's not just my ukulele playing that's unlikely to reach the standards set by the late lamented Mr Stanton, then? Eh David?

I feel a return to the county of my birth coming on too.

Regards Robin

P.S. Thanks Andy for still keeping an eye on all us miscreants who are determined to break this excellent web site.

robin hardy - 31-10-15

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