bob cawson

THIS WEEKS BAND MEETING.  Please note that this week’s meeting (Wed 31 Aug 16) will be held at the Balderton Scout Hut, Queen Street, Balderton NG24 3NG and NOT at Oscars pub.  I will be taking the PA equipment.  This will be the last band meeting before the Allington Summer Fete gig on Sunday 11 September.  Tomorrow’s play list is as published for the Allington gig although, due to the limited numbers going to Allington, this will be reduced somewhat.

REQUEST TO PLAY AT THE LIONS SOUTHWELL MINSTER CAROL SERVICE – EVENING OF 17TH DECEMBER.  I’ve thanked the Lions for their invitation to play at this event but have told then that we are not available.

SHERWOOD FOREST ART AND CRAFT CENTRE CHRISTMAS WEEKEND (26 & 27 NOV BETWEEN 11AM AND 4PM)).  I have received the following email from the organisers of this event:
“Each Christmas we have a weekend when we celebrate Christmas.  We strive to given an inspirational experience to our customers with traditional entertainment by local artists/performers.  Lynn Preece (Sherwood & Districts Art Funds Department) has put the Newark Ukulele Happy Band forward as a result of our performance at the Sconce Festival which she said was brilliant.  Is there any chance you have a Christmas set that you could showcase at our Christmas event.  Lynn spoke so highly of you and you seem perfect to make our event go with a “swing”.  We would love to hear from you (please include your charges in the reply) especially if you are able to attend on either day or both days.  We do like it if our artists/performers are in period costume as this does help to make such a lovely atmosphere, (we can help with this)”

I think it could be an interesting event and I’m particularly keen that we should try and support it if we can – especially as we’ve been highly recommended by the individual who was behind getting us the grant from the Council Arts Department.  Please let me know if you agree and are prepared to play and let me have your preferred date (or both dates if you are keen to do that.)  I have sent the organisers are holding reply saying that I will let them know of our availability soonest.

Hi Bob, I,ll be there,hopefully. I already have my costme it doesn't require tights but what the hell!.
tony dawes - 30-08-16

I've checked with the organisers -the theme for the Craft Centre Christmas Weekend is "Victorian"
bob cawson - 07-09-16

I hope to be there also Bob

davidmc - 10-10-16

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andy stanton

Loved the video Andy

paul reed - 05/10/2016
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tony dawes

CAJON LESSON. To those who indicated they were interested in learning to play That 'BOX THING'like a drum,
I have arranged for Justin to come and give us a lesson on Wednesday 12th October at the Malt Shovel pub
between 7.30 and 9pm. I would suggest bringing your ukes along so that we can have something to play whilst we are not having a go in the cajons. I hope that we can raise a group of 5-6 to make it a good session.
The only charge is that we need to buy Justin a pint.
Please let me know if you can make it.
I would like to be there but may have to move a client a bit forward.
Annette still has one un-constructed but she is on a night run :(

jefft - 06-10-16

Please comment here

Hi Tony,

Will be there with the kit.


gamble183 - 06-10-16

Hope to be there.  David N
david n - 06-10-16

I would like to come Tony if that is OK
davidmc - 06-10-16

Most welcome Davids all.
tony dawes - 07-10-16

Yes hope I can make it Tony, sounds too good to miss.
david hall - 07-10-16

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bob cawson

I have received the following email from the organiser of the MacMillan Coffee Morning at Averham
"Again thank you for bringing your musicians to my coffee morning, I have had such lovely feedback about your performance it certainly brought something special to the event.  Everyone has been so generous and so I was able to send £772.34 to Macmillan, that is a huge amount and by far the most I have sent previously.  Thank you again.  Warmest regards Carole"

I have also received a donation of £30 from the organisers of the recent Winthorpe Fete.
Certainly one of our best performances to date Bob, give yourself a big pat on the back. It wouldn't happen without all your hard work. keep it coming!
david hall - 07-10-16

I agree with David H. I enjoyed the morning. The new format of the band with its singers, bass and cajon and all uke players is a delight.
david n - 08-10-16

I would go further, the last three sessions we had i.e the last rehearsal and the two gigs last week were the best we have done! A couple of mistakes are irrelevant every live performance has them. I honestly believe we are getting there. Proud to be a member of the Happy Band!
Thanks to everyone especially Bob for all his hard work and putting up with us, at least most of the time.

tony dawes - 08-10-16

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tony dawes

Just a reminder about Wednesday evening at the Malt Shovel 7.30- 9.00 pm. Its 'Cajon, give it a try' night.
The Cajon is that box thing that sounds like a drum kit (when played well) Justin will be there to show us how, and give you some tips on getting started. Please let me know if you are coming along , if you have not already done so or just turn up and bring your uke to play along.See you there
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bob cawson

Just a reminder that at this Wednesday's (12th) meeting Jacq has arranged for Janet Major, a voice coach, to come along at 2.00pm to give those who are interested 30 minutes advice on improving their singing techniques.  The remainder of the afternoon will be a selection from those songs listed under the sets.

Please note that the following Wednesday’s session (19th) will take place at the Lancaster Grange Residential Home and not Oscar’s.  I would appreciate it if individuals who can attend this function would let me know this Wednesday.  Meet at the Grange at 2.00pm for a start at 2.30, the performance will be over by 4.00pm.

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bob cawson

In yesterday's mail I received a cheque for £30 as a donation for our performance at the recent Allington Community BBQ.  With it came a letter from the Chairman of the Allington Village Hall Management Committee stating "The Committee send their thanks to you and all your members for the marvellous entertainment you provided during the Community BBQ at the Village Hall.  Please find a cheque enclosed for a donation of £30, which we hope will be useful.  We look forward to seeing you at Allington Village Hall in the future.  You are very popular here!  Many thanks and kind regards"
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I would like to publicly voice my gratitude to those who arranged both the singing tuition and the Cajon tutorial yesterday. I enjoyed both and look forward to more learning experiences should they be offered.
Thanks Jeff I was pleased that everyone participated and it was also a good jam session.
Next question who is volunteering to share cajon with Steve?

tony dawes - 14-10-16

These sounds like brilliant developments.  What took so long?
Is there any chance that learning lyrics will be attempted next!

andy stanton - 14-10-16

I would just like to echo Jeff's sentiments, the singing tuition has added yet another
skill to the group with hopefully more to come. Wednesday's session with the Cajon was
an absolute cracker, chaotic, a mishmash of songs and it all worked beautifully, Such
good fun. Be nice to do it again sometime. Thanks to the two people who made it happen!

david hall - 14-10-16

Stady on Andy, miracles take a little longer!
tony dawes - 14-10-16

We know the lyrics we just don't realise or trust our memory.
jefft - 14-10-16

All it needs is practice!

andy stanton - 14-10-16

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Hi Jeff or anyone else who can help
Can you find a version of All I want is a room somewhere (My Fair Lady) with simple chords ?
The version I have found has loads of them!
I've just placed a copy of "Wouldn't It Be Loverly" in the Other Song Sheets section.
andy stanton - 20-10-16

Thanks Andy, that's the version I had found but I was hoping for something a little simpler !

jacq - 20-10-16

I have emailed a simpler ver. for you to look at.

jefft - 20-10-16


It can't be the exact version you found because I put it together myself using simpler chords.

andy stanton - 20-10-16

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There is a very good post from April, on Got A Ukulele: "But That's Not On The Songsheet! Get Out Of Your Ukulele Rut"
Excellent article.

That is exactly why I was keen that people learned the words.  All a song sheet does is tell you the lyrics and the chords, nothing else!  If you don't learn the words you are restricted by the song sheet henceforth.

When we started this group it was felt with some justification that the reason why we should build up a song list was so we could literally sing from the same song sheet.  With so many beginners starting together, that was important.  However, if you stick to the song sheets forever you never get round to the business of arranging stuff.

There were some excellent points in this article.  Well raised, Jeff!

andy stanton - 20-10-16


MIX IT UP, START ARRANGING one song at a time. (yes I am shouting again).
Thanks Jeff

tony dawes - 22-10-16

Having read the article I shall continue to use a low g and crisp up my chord playing.
Well spotted Jeff it certainly put things into perspective.

chris - 22-10-16

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bob cawson

I have had a 'phone call from the organiser of Wednesday's booking at the Grange expressing the appreciation of the residents, staff and relatives who attended our performance. Apparently it was very well received by all particularly the manageress of the home who was impressed with how we interacted with the residents.  They are very keen to have us back again and I have provisionally agreed we could return on Fri 9 December.

Allington "Singalong" scheduled for Fri 18 Nov.  Having spoken to the village committee after noting that they had 2 functions booked at the village hall the following day (an afternoon of Elizabethan dancing followed by a Jazz evening) the committee have realised that they cannot cope with 3 events over the 2 days.  I have therefore agreed to their request to defer our gig until Fri 3 Feb 17.
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Just pulled the chords for Sea Of Heartbreak recorded by Don Gibson. Any of you oldies know it?

Just about sums up my youth Jeff. "I remember it well"
david hall - 21-10-16

This is a 'Country' song......of course I know it. (Although I'm not as old-young as David H).

david n - 21-10-16

Angel and I know it 🎤🎸
paul reed - 22-10-16

I like Joe Brown's version as well
rita cutts - 22/10/2016

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A good idea:  

Fantastic --whether it's a dementia group, residents in a care home or children in the park --the positive power of music is awesome

jacq - 23-10-16

Can it cure my cold??
david n - 24-10-16

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bob cawson

A short play list for this Wednesday is now on this site.  The remainder of the session will be made up from a random selection of songs from the following days Open Door Dementia Group Gig listing and the listing for the Guide Dogs Gig.  The latter list contains no songs that we performed for them last year.
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bob cawson

After this afternoons "performance" some minor amendments to tomorrows play list.  Out goes "Coconuts" "Ole House less boring"  In comes "She wears red feathers" with intro and chords between chorus and verse removed*, "Chattanooga Choo Choo"*, This old house (Simple version)* and "Shake rattle and roll"*.  Running order changed slightly.  I appreciate you may not have opportunity to print off those annotated* so will bring a copy for all.  See you tomorrow providing I get back from the weekly shop!
You will need to make me a list of the changes that you want making to the songs on the site for the future and those that you want adding

jefft - 26-10-16

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