bob cawson

THIS WEEKS BAND MEETING.  Please note that this week’s meeting (Wed 31 Aug 16) will be held at the Balderton Scout Hut, Queen Street, Balderton NG24 3NG and NOT at Oscars pub.  I will be taking the PA equipment.  This will be the last band meeting before the Allington Summer Fete gig on Sunday 11 September.  Tomorrow’s play list is as published for the Allington gig although, due to the limited numbers going to Allington, this will be reduced somewhat.

REUEST TO PLAY AT THE LIONS SOUTHWELL MINSTER CAROL SERVICE – EVENING OF 17TH DECEMBER.  I’ve thanked the Lions for their invitation to play at this event but have told then that we are not available.

SHERWOOD FOREST ART AND CRAFT CENTRE CHRISTMAS WEEKEND (26 & 27 NOV BETWEEN 11AM AND 4PM)).  I have received the following email from the organisers of this event:
“Each Christmas we have a weekend when we celebrate Christmas.  We strive to given an inspirational experience to our customers with traditional entertainment by local artists/performers.  Lynn Preece (Sherwood & Districts Art Funds Department) has put the Newark Ukulele Happy Band forward as a result of our performance at the Sconce Festival which she said was brilliant.  Is there any chance you have a Christmas set that you could showcase at our Christmas event.  Lynn spoke so highly of you and you seem perfect to make our event go with a “swing”.  We would love to hear from you (please include your charges in the reply) especially if you are able to attend on either day or both days.  We do like it if our artists/performers are in period costume as this does help to make such a lovely atmosphere, (we can help with this)”

I think it could be an interesting event and I’m particularly keen that we should try and support it if we can – especially as we’ve been highly recommended by the individual who was behind getting us the grant from the Council Arts Department.  Please let me know if you agree and are prepared to play and let me have your preferred date (or both dates if you are keen to do that.)  I have sent the organisers are holding reply saying that I will let them know of our availability soonest.

Hi Bob, I,ll be there,hopefully. I already have my costme it doesn't require tights but what the hell!.
tony dawes - 30-08-16

I've checked with the organisers -the theme for the Craft Centre Christmas Weekend is "Victorian"
bob cawson - 07-09-16

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I have published the Pentatonic scales from David Mc in the other song sheets section as a PDF called Pentatonic Scales as requested.
Thanks Jeff much appreciated David

davidmc - 01-09-16

...and for the sake of completeness I have put the same document in the Library (where it belongs).
andy stanton - 01-09-16

Ah yes library, forgot all about that!
jefft - 01-09-16

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For those of you with the equivalent of a learning difficulty with music and are trying to get to grips with scales, three C minor pentatonic are covered well in these videos  



I will add to library
That should have been added to Video Clips not Library
admin - 02-09-16

Click to ENLARGE video clip

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rita cutts

Men in tights...great! Sounds good to me!
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bob cawson

A play list for tomorrow is now on the site.  Thanks to those who managed to make it on Sunday and helping with the setting up/taking down of PA equipment.  There's the opportunity tomorrow for anyone interested to try out some cahon playing - never know it might be right up your street!  I was asked after Sunday's performance if the band would be interested in playing two 45 minute sets at the village hall one Friday before Christmas at a village "singalong evening".  I know a lot of the group aren't interested in evening functions and I warned the organiser of that.  However, please give it some thought - if enough are interested then we pick the date and get paid!  

Would also appreciate you checking your diaries and confirm if you can attend the Open Door Gig at Balderton PM Thu 29 Sep and also the Sherwood Arts Centre weekend in November.

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andy stanton

Members may have noted the disappearance of cartoons from the front page of our website. At some point someone has uploaded an image which was in copyright.  The agents for the copyright owner have kindly waived claims against us on the basis of our charitable status, but on condition that we deleted the image concerned and gave assurances that we have ceased to use the image in any form.

As an additional assurance, and to prevent a repetition of such infringement I have deleted the cartoons section on this site.
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bob cawson

This afternoon's numbers will come from the MacMillan coffee morning set list
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Added In The Good Old Summertime, Rocking All Over the World, I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas and made changes to the end of Song Sung Blue

Jeff - Forgive me if I am wrong. I cannot see the Hippopotamus. Maybe it's too large an animal and is blocking my view or it's still under wrappings and I can't open it until christmas.........(mud, mud, glorious mud).  David N
david n - 23-09-16

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You were right! It is there now, it was a bit tortuous converting it from Neil's bar format into a form that we are more used to but it is in now but might not be perfect.  
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bob cawson

Just a reminder that this Wednesday’s meeting is at the Balderton Scout Hut.  The play list will be taken from the set lists for the MacMillan Coffee Morning (Revised after last week’s meeting) and the Dementia One group on Thursday.  Copies of both lists are on this site.

Unfortunately I have mislaid the list of those who said that they will be attending Thursday’s Dementia Group.  I would therefore be grateful if those who are available could let me know ASAP.

I have at last been able to make contact with the individual who asked if we could do an evening “Singalong” at Allington Village Hall.  Quite a few of the band were keen to do this and the proposed date is Friday 18th November starting at 6.30pm for two 45 minutes sets.  If you are prepared to go please let me know.

We have also been strongly recommended to the Lancaster Grange Care Home who has asked if we can give an hour’s session one afternoon (from 2.30pm) in October and early December. They proposed a Thursday but this is not suitable as it clashes with other events.  I did mention to their new Activities Organiser that when we went there awhile back there wasn’t a great deal of response from the residents.  However, she assures me that this won’t be the case now.  I suggest that we could possibly fit in a day in the first or second week of October and December if enough members are willing.  Please let me know your views.

Hi Bob  I should be OK for thursday GiG

roger mackinder - 27-09-16

Hi Bob,
Due to Hospital appointments at Nottingham, June & I will not be there Wednesday, and June will not be there Friday either for the same reason.
I will be there Thursday and Friday. June should be there Thursday, unless a certain package
has not arrived in the morning.


gamble183 - 27-09-16

Hi Bob, okay for Thursday and for the 18th of November at Allington, also good for the Lancaster Grange do.
David H.

david hall - 27-09-16

Hello Bob, I can't make, Wednesday practice but am ok for Thursday and Friday.

chris - 27-09-16

I Should be attending Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

jefft - 27-09-16

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Sorry folks we now have two versions of Bunch of coconuts, one starts I've and the new on Ive, once a decision is made we can get Andy to delete the spare.
You know, I sweated cobs to ensure that you could put apostrophes in the title line.
Tell me when you've made up your mind!

andy stanton - 29-09-16

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I had forgotten about your effort to let us achieve that :) . The question on our lips is that of senility, Bob's for asking me to post a song that is already there or mine for posting it? Who takes the crown?
Perhaps you both do.

andy stanton - 29-09-16

who needs cartoons......It raises a smile on my lips with this genteel banter.    David N
david n - 30-09-16

Peace brothers peace!
tony dawes - 30-09-16

Anyway, I've just mended it.
andy stanton - 30-09-16

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Hi Jeff
Just to let you know that we already have Try to Catch the Wind on our Playlist !!
Good job I didn't put it on again :)
jefft - 30-09-16

Further to the conversation about "Catch The Wind"
I have had a look at it and have changed it from 4:4 from 3:4
If anybody thinks I'm wrong please say.

jefft - 30-09-16

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