Botany Bay

Henry Pottinger Stephens and William Yardley

4:4 Key:G

[G]/ [D7]/ [G]/ [G]

Fare[G]well to old [D7] England for-[G]ever [D7]
Fare[G]well to my [C] rum culls as [D7] well [D7]
Fare[G]well to the [C] well known Old [G] Bailee [C]
Where I [G] used for to [D7] cut such a [G] swell [D7]

CHORUS: (repeat after every verse)

Singing [G] too-ral li[D7]ooral li[G] ad-dity [D7]
Singing [G] too-ral li[C]ooral li[D7] ay [D7]
Singing [G] too-ral li[C]ooral li[G] ad-dity [C]
And we're [G] bound for [D7] Botany [G] Bay [G]

There's the [G] captain as [D7] is our Com-[G] mander [D7]
There's the [G] bo'sun and [C] all the ship's [D7] crew [D7]
There's the [G] first and [C] second class [G] passengers [C]
Knows [G] what we poor [D7] convicts go [G] through [D7]

'taint [G] leavin' old [D7] England we [G] cares about [D7]
'taint [G] cos we mis-[C]pels what we [D7] knows [D7]
But be[G]cos all we [C] light-fingered [G] gentry [C]
Hops a[G]round with a [D7] log on our [G] toes [D7]

For [G] seven long [D7] years I'll be [G] staying here [D7]
For [G] seven long [C] years and a [D7] day [D7]
For [G] meeting a [C] cove in an [G] area [C]
And [G] taking his [D7] ticker a-[G]way [D7]

Oh, had [G] I the [D7] wings of a [G] turtle-dove [D7]
I'd [G] soar on my [C] pinions so [D7] high [D7]
Slap [G] bang to tha [C] arms of my [G] Polly Love [C]
And [G] in her sweet [D7] presence I'd [G] die [D7]

Now, [G] all my young [D7] Dookies and [G] Duchesses [D7]
Take [G] warning from [C] what I've to [D7] say [D7]
Mind [G] all is your [C] own as you [G] touchesses [C]
Or you'll [G] find us in [D7] Botany [G] Bay [D7]

Added or amended 29th May 2018
Reproduced soley for
educational purposes

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