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Bob Dylan

4:4 Key:C


Verse 1
Cr[C]imson fl[Am]ames tied t[Em]hrough my ears
Rolli[F]n' high and m[G]ighty tr[C]aps
P[C]ounced with f[Am]ire on fl[Em]aming r[C]oads
Us[F]ing ideas [Em]as my m[G]aps
"We'll m[F]eet on [Am]edges, so[G]on," said [C]I
P[Am]roud 'neath heated br[F]ow.[G]
Ah, b[C]ut I was so much o[Am]lder th[C]en,
I'm y[F]ounger th[G]an that n[C]ow.

[G] [G] [G] [G]

Verse 2
Ha[C]lf-wracked pr[Am]ejudice[Em] leaped forth
"Ri[F]p down all h[G]ate," I scr[C]eamed
L[C]ies that [Am]life is b[Em]lack and white
[F]Spoke from my skull. I dr[G]eamed
Rom[Am]antic facts of m[Em]usketeers
Found[F]ationed deep, someh[G]ow.
Ah, but [C]I was s[Am]o much [Em]older th[F]en,
I'm y[G]ounger than that [C]now.

Verse 3
Girl[C]s' faces f[Am]ormed the f[Em]orward path
From ph[F]ony j[G]ealous[C]y
To m[C]emor[Am]izing p[Em]olitics
Of [F]ancient histor[G]y
Flun[Am]g down by corpse ev[Em]angelists
Unth[F]ought of, though, someh[G]ow.
Ah, bu[C]t I was so much [F]older th[C]en,
I'm y[F]ounger th[G]an that n[C]ow.

Verse 4
A s[C]elf-ord[Am]ained prof[Em]essor's tongue
Too [F]serio[G]us to f[C]ool
Sp[C]outed o[Am]ut that [Em]liberty
Is j[F]ust equality in sch[G]ool
"Eq[Am]uality," I sp[Em]oke the word
As [F]if a wedding v[G]ow.
Ah, but[C] I was [Am]so much older then,
I[F]'m younger t[G]han that n[C]ow.

Verse 5
In a s[C]oldier's st[Am]ance, I ai[Em]med my hand
At the m[F]ongrel d[G]ogs who te[C]ach
F[C]earing not that I'[Am]d become my[Em] enemy
In the i[F]nstant that I pr[G]each
My e[Am]xistence led by co[F]nfusion b[C]oats
M[Am]utiny from s[Em]tern to b[G]ow.
Ah, but [C]I was s[Am]o much o[F]lder t[C]hen,
I'm y[G]ounger than that n[C]ow.

Verse 6
Yes, my g[C]uard sto[Am]od hard when a[Em]bstract threats
Too n[F]oble t[G]o negl[C]ect
Dece[C]ived me i[Am]nto th[Em]inking
I had s[F]omething to prot[G]ect
G[Am]ood and bad, I def[Em]ine these terms
Q[F]uite clear, no doubt, som[G]ehow.
Ah, but [C]I was [Am]so much o[F]lder th[C]en,
I'm yo[G]unger than that n[C]ow.

Added or amended 11th June 2020
Reproduced soley for
educational purposes

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