The D Day Dodgers


4:4 Key: C
(To the tune of Lilli Marlene)

[C] Weíre the D-Day Dodgers, [G7] way off in Italy
Always on the vino, always on the [C] spree; [C7]
[F] Eighth Army scroungers and their [C] tanks,
We [G7] live in Rome, among the [F] yanks.
We [C] are the [G7] D-Day [C] Dodgers, way [G7] out in Italy [C].

[C] We landed in Salerno, [G7] a holiday with pay,
The Jerries brought the bands out to greet us on [C] the way, [C7]
[F] Showed us the sights and gave us [C] tea,
We [G7] all sang songs, the beer was [F] free
To [C] welcome [G7] D-Day [C] Dodgers, to [G7] sunny Italy. [C]

[C] Naples and Casino [G7] were taken in our stride,
We didnít go to fight there, we went just for [C] the ride [C7]
[F] Anzio and Sangro were just [C] names
We [G7] only went to look for [F] dames
The [C] artful [G7] D-Day [C] Dodgers, way [G7] out in Italy. [C]

[C] Dear Lady Astor, [G7] you think youíre mighty hot,
Standing on the platform, talking tommy [C] rot, [C7]
[F] Youíre Englandís sweetheart and her [C] pride
We [G7] think your mouthís too bleeding [F] wide.
We [C] are the [G7] D-Day [C] Dodgers, in [G7] sunny Italy. [C]

[C] Look around the [G7] mountains, in the mud and rain,
Youíll find the scattered crosses, some that have no [C] name, [C7]
[F] Heartbreak and toil and suffering [C] gone,
The [G7] boys beneath them slumber [F] on.
They [C] are the [G7] D-Day [C] Dodgers who [G7] stay in Italy. [C]

Note: A certain poignancy can be added by singing the last verse unaccompanied by ukes but may be accompanied by harmonica or other instrument.

Note: The apocryphal story --- that of Lady Astor accusing the
British forces in Italy of being "D-Day Dodgers" --- was widely
circulated. This song was a non-apocryphal response.

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