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Newark & District U3A Registered Charity No 1147496

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The U3A Happy Band meets regularly (at least twice a month, see diary) to practice, to jam together, and to experiment with ukes.

Any member of the Newark U3A can join and all are welcome. There are no auditions or expectations. All you need is a ukulele.

Some of this website is accessible to the public, but a number of sections such as the song list, the forum and the editing pages are restricted to group members.

If you want access to these pages then attend our group and ask about it.



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You are visiting the Newark and District U3A Happy Band website.

This website has been designed for the use of members of the U3A Happy Band. Some of the material is available for view by the general public, and you are most welcome to see it.
Other sections are for the exclusive use of the band, and this includes a message board, set lists, a diary and a comprehensive access to the song list.
We are respectful of musicians copy right. The U3A Happy Band offers a learning experience. It is part of the University of The Third Age and as such we use copyright material as part of our study. Because of this we restrict public access to only those songs which are out of copyright.
If you are a member of the Happy Band you will be offered log in details (your username and password).
The band exercises a discretion by offering guest membership to genuine applicants. If you wish to be considered then use the contact page.


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