This tutorial assumes that you have just acquired a ukulele, and you know absolutely nothing about playing it. We will start with a few easy to follow lessons (just one page per lesson). Each lesson downloads as a one page PDF file, so it's handy to have Adobe reader on your device. You are more than welcome to print off these pages if you find that more convenient.

The important thing with a ukulele is not to take it too seriously, well not to begin with, and just enjoy it.

Lesson 1: Your Trusty Uke
Lesson 2: Your First Chord
Lesson 3: Your Second Chord
Lesson 4: G and G7
Lesson 5: Key of C
Lesson 6: Circle Of Fifths
Lesson 7: Using The Circle of Fifths Key of G major
Lesson 8: Moving On To Other Keys
Lesson 9: Strumming/Picking
Lesson 10: What Do We Know So Far
Lesson 11: Necking It!
Lesson 12: 12 Bar Blues

Simple Chords 1
Simple Chords 2

Circle of Fifths

Song Sheet Number 1
Song Sheet Number 2
Song Sheet Number 3
Song Sheet Number 4
Song Sheet Number 5
Song Sheet Number 6
Song Sheet Number 7
Song Sheet Number 8
Song Sheet Number 9

If you have access to a PC or other piece of IT clutter these subjects are dealt with in much greater detail on You Tube clips.

See for yourself